The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301

Thea’s strength was now greatly boosted.

She believed that James’ True Energy should have been restored by now. If everything went as planned, James would leave Cansington and head to the Capital tomorrow.

“I’ll go look for James.”

Thea did not linger for long. She simply turned to leave the villa and drove to Cynthia’s house.

At Cynthia’s house…

All this while, James had been cultivating with Cynthia. After two weeks’ worth of cultivation, his body had begun recuperating with the help of the nourishment from the fusion of Yin and Yang True Energy. His meridians had been strengthened, and he would no longer be afraid of the impact of True Energy. Meanwhile, his strength had slowly returned to its peak.

In the room…

The two were doing some strange postures.

Two different cultivation methods and True Energy combined the two into a collective. With James’ help, Cynthia’s True Energy had also grown by leaps and bounds. In a short amount of time, she had crossed into the third rank from her previous first rank.

The two stopped.

“I’m so tired.”

Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Cynthia said, “I thought cultivating would be fun. Turns out it’s just a mindless and boring activity.”

She was completely drenched in sweat while wearing thin clothes that were pressed against her skin. Cynthia glanced at James, who was sitting in a lotus position on the bed.

His aura was becoming stronger and stronger. After a while, he stopped.

Wearing a bright smile, James looked at Cynthia and said, “After two weeks’ worth of cultivation, my injuries have completely recuperated, and my strength has returned to its peak.”

“That’s great!”

Cynthia cried out in joy.

“Thank you, Cynthia. If not for you, it would have taken me forever to heal.”

Cynthia said smilingly, “It wasn’t a waste of time for me. My True Energy became stronger, and I’ve crossed into the third rank.”


James nodded. This cultivation method was simply too magical.

Cynthia’s True Energy was still weak. If she could cross into the sixth rank or even the seventh before their next cultivation together, the Cold Energy inside her body would greatly nourish James’ True Yang Energy. That way, his True Energy would be greatly boosted.

“By the way, how many days have we been cultivating together?”

Cynthia took her phone out and said, “Today’s the fourteenth.”

James did not expect time to pass so quickly. Though the Capital had been calm for the past two weeks, a storm was brewing on the horizon.

However, he was no longer afraid of anything.

James had returned to peak strength. With his seventh-rank power, the Invincible Body Siddhi, and the Thirteen Heavenly Swords, he would be able to stand against an eighth-rank grandmaster.

Besides, he still had the Spirit Turtle’s core on him, which could potentially boost his True Energy. Even if he did not cross into the eighth rank, he would be extremely close to reaching it.

“Let’s head downstairs.”

James stood up and got off the bed, while Cynthia wore a jacket.

Then, they headed downstairs together.

The foyer was full of laughter.


Thea had been here for quite some time. However, she did not interrupt James’ session this time.

Upon seeing James, she immediately stood up and walked over to him. Grabbing him by the hand, she asked, “How did it go?”

James said with a bright smile, “My injuries have completely healed, and my strength has recovered.”

“That’s great!”

Thea was delighted.


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