The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304

“I have restored thirty percent of my strength.”

Callan said, “The main battlefield shouldn’t be in the Capital. The Capital is merely Lucjan’s battlefield. He must have obtained a core. Six months have passed, and he may have refined it. If he did, his strength must have reached even greater heights. I’ll return to the Capital for now. Meanwhile, you should remain in Cansington to refine the core.”

Though he had only regained thirty percent of his strength, this was power unrivaled even among top- notch grandmasters.

“Sure.” James nodded. He would be at ease if Callan returned to the Capital.

“That traitorous Lucjan…” Callan’s face darkened, and he said coldly, “I was the one who saved his life. If not for me, he would have perished in the battle of the Gu Sect. I didn’t expect him to resort to underhanded tactics and ambushed me. However, he underestimated me. Or else, I really would have died in his hands.”

James looked at him and asked, “What do you plan to do after returning to the Capital?”

After brief contemplation, Callan said, “Lucjan is ambitious and power-hungry, and his ultimate aim is the position of King. Only by becoming the King or propping up a puppet in his place can he finally set things in motion. For a century, the Gu Sect has embedded itself deeply within Sol’s establishment. I think I’ll first annihilate their remnants.”

Callan was open-minded. He knew that the Gu Sect should no longer exist and that they were only a

threat to Sol.

“I’ll try and negotiate with Lucjan upon returning to the Capital. It would be best if I can continue to lead the Gu Sect. If not, I’ll have no choice but to annihilate them.”

James nodded slightly. He was glad that Callan was of the same opinion as him.

“We’re running out of time. I should take my leave.”

“I’ll ask the Blithe King to arrange a plane for you.”

“Sure.” Callan gladly accepted his offer.

Then, James began making arrangements for Callan’s return to the Capital. After Callan left, James could finally rest.

At Cynthia’s house…

Many people gathered in the foyer on the first floor-Thea, Quincy, Tiara, and Scarlett.

Quincy asked, “James, New Year’s Day has already been over for quite some time. How should Messiah develop in the future? You have to give us clear directions. Right now, we’re just groping around in the


James was lost in thought. After a few seconds, he asked, “What’s the situation with Centennial Corporation?”

Scarlett said, “Centennial is developing at breakneck speed and has basically occupied the domestic medicine market. It’s currently trying to make a breakthrough into foreign markets. In fact, it’s already entered a cooperation with multiple pharmaceutical conglomerates.”

James knew what Centennial’s objectives were, which was to become the number-one company in the pharmaceutical world. They would begin swallowing up and taking over other pharmaceutical groups.

After becoming the undisputed hegemon, they would determine the flow of medicine in the world. By then, Centennial would have the fate of mankind in its grasp.

It was an insane idea.

James had quite a fright upon hearing the reason for Centennial’s establishment. He had to stop Lucjan, Centennial Corporation, and the Gu Sect. Meanwhile, Messiah was established to fight against Centennial.

Quincy said anxiously, “Messiah has neither cash flow nor technology. We can’t keep up with Centennial’s pace.”

“I’ll think of a way,” James said solemnly…

Quincy continued, “Now, Messiah requires a new research team and a large amount of capital.”

James nodded and said, “I’ll begin writing some medical formulas in earnest to deal with the current. emergency. Once I’ve dealt with the trouble in the Capital, we’ll formulate our next plan.”

The Gu Sect was behind Centennial’s establishment, while the Gu Sect was under Lucjan’s control. Once they exterminated Lucjan, the Gu Sect would be dissolved, and Centennial would cease to exist as a threat.

For the next two days, James remained at home and conducted serious research into medicine. He wrote a few unprecedented medical formulas. Although it would be difficult for them to save Messiah, James could create breathing room for the company.

“Quincy, Scarlett, I’ll leave Messiah to you. Also, keep in mind to monitor Centennial’s every Please inform me if there’s anything serious,” James said after giving Quincy the medical formulas.

“Alright, I’ll return to the company for now.”



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