The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306

Strong desires emerged when James began absorbing and refining the Spirit Turtle’s core Immediately. he stopped in time.

After a brief moment, he pulled his phone out and called Thea, who was on her way to the airport. Seeing that James called her, she murmured, “Did something happen?”

“So this is what happened, Thea. While I was absorbing the Spirit Turtle’s core, my blood churned, and powerful desires began appearing in my mind. I believe it’s the same thing as your Spirit Turtle blood, so I’d like you to send me the Ataraxia that you cultivate. thope that it can negate the negative impact of the cultivation,” James explained.

“Sure,” Thea said, “I’ll send it to you once I’ve made the necessary arrangements.”

“Got it.”

James hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, after thinking for a moment, Thea typed down the cultivation method of Ataraxia and sent it

to James.

After receiving the message, he began researching Ataraxia.

Once he finished looking through it, he was lost in thought.

Ataraxia was a cultivation method meant to calm one’s heart and suppress the adverse effects of Blood Energy.

Then, he continued refining the core. At the same time, he catalyzed Ataraxia. This time, the negative effects of absorbing the core were minimal. Although desires still appeared, he managed to suppress them effectively.

He began refining the core in earnest. Based on his speed of refinement, it would take at most a month for him to completely refine the core. He was unsure how strong he would become by then.

James entered closed-door meditation in Cansington.

Thea, on the other hand, headed to the Capital.

In an airport in the Capital…

A slender and gorgeous-looking woman walked out. She was giving Maxine a call.

All this while, Maxine was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work.

Lorenzo Caden, Grand Patriarch of the Cadens, wanted her to be the family head. However, no one in the Caden household agreed. As she did not possess the Cadens’ bloodline, they believed that she was not qualified to be the family head, but no one dared to go against Lorenzo’s orders in public.

To protest against Lorenzo’s decision, the Cadens invited Luca Caden, the man who failed to compete against Lorenzo for the position of Patriarch long ago, back to take control of the situation.

Now, the Cadens were divided into two factions. One was led by Maxine, while the other was led by Luca.

Although no one supported Maxine initially, she managed to win over many Cadens in a short amount of time. Of course, this had a lot to do with the Cadens’ caretaker, Franklin Caden. It was only with the caretaker’s assistance that she managed to court them over to her side.

At the moment, she was at the Lees’ residence. In the living room of the Lees’ residence…

A glamorous-looking woman fixed her gaze on Maxine, praising her, “Maxine, I didn’t expect you to become the family head of the Cadens.”

Maxine smiled. “Matriarch of the Lees, it’s only thanks to the Grand Patriarch of the Cadens that I managed to temporarily take control of the family’s affairs. Today, I’ve come to discuss the matter of cooperation with the Lees.”

Maxine was trying to gain more allies.

Through overt and covert tactics, she managed to woo many allies to her side. Today, she came to the Lees’ residence to ally with them.


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