The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308

Thea’s words sent a shiver down Maxine’s spine.

She did not expect Thea to say such a thing.

“Thea?” She looked at her, puzzled.

Thea smiled. “I was just kidding. But Maxine, you have to work harder. Enemies on all sides surround James. He can only live in peace only when everything is resolved. Otherwise, he won’t be able to live a

comfortable life.”

“I know.” Maxine did not think much about Thea’s remarks. Instead, she said dejectedly, “I really want to help James. I really tried… But I’m too weak. No one in the Cadens will willingly accept me as family. head. There’s also Luca to worry about…”

Maxine sighed deeply.

Thea remained silent. Although she disliked Maxine, she knew that Maxine was an intelligent woman. With her help, James would be able to have breathing room. Besides, she could tell that Maxine had a crush on James. As long as Maxine was able to secure her position as the family head, they should be able to win over many sects and families of the ancient martial world to their side.

“I have something else to deal with. I be taking my leave.”

Thea did not linger for long. She turned and left.

Staring at Thea’s retreating figure, Maxine frowned. ‘What’s going on? Why do I have a feeling that she has changed? She’s no longer the Thea from before.”

Shaking her head, she put her thoughts aside.

Thea left the Cadens.

Then, she headed to a five-star hotel in the Capital and booked a presidential suite. She pulled out her phone and called the God-King Palace’s person in charge of the Capital. After making the call, she waited in the room.

After half an hour, a knock came on the door.

Thea opened the door.

A man was standing outside. He wore a black jacket, a cap, and a black mask.

“Come in.”

Thea walked into the room while the man followed close behind.

In the room, Thea sat on the sofa. Meanwhile, the man stood by her side. Glancing at him, Thea ordered,” Remove your mask.”


The man hesitated before speaking in a hoarse voice, “Young Mistress, according to the rules of the God- King Palace, we are not allowed to remove our masks under any circumstances.”


Before he could finish his sentence, a sword was pressed against his neck. The speed was so extraordinary that he could not even react.

Thea said coldly, “I’m ordering you to remove your mask.”

The man was completely drenched in sweat. After a brief moment, he recollected himself and slowly removed his mask.

Thea finally had a good look at his face. He was around forty years of age, and his looks were ordinary.

She knew that the man before her was the person in charge of the Capital and one of the Ten Elders of the God-King Palace. He was a third-rank grandmaster. As for the rest, she had no information. whatsoever.

“What’s your name?” Thea pulled back her sword, sat down, and asked coldly.

“Young lady, my name is Noah Mason.”

“Very well,” Thea said. “From today onwards, you’ll work for me. Do not leak anything I order you to do, especially to the Leader. Or else…”

Thea’s expression was cold. Her cold-blooded and ruthless expression sent a shiver down Noah’s spine.

Was she still the Thea from before?

He could still vividly remember that she was an ordinary woman just two months ago. Now, a single expression of hers was enough to turn his blood cold.

“Y-Young Mistress, you’re making me betray the Leader. If he learns of this, he’ll tear me to pieces.”

“Tear you to pieces?” Thea said coldly, “Would you like me to kill you right now?”

Noah could tell from her expression that she was not fooling around.

He took a deep breath and asked, “What do you want me to do, Young Mistress?”

Thea ordered, “Investigate Luca Caden for me.”


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