The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310

The Cadens were all Luca’s confidants, whom he brought from the Caden household in the Southern Ridge. They accompanied him to the Southern Ridge after he failed to seize the position of Patriarch long ago.

Some were Cadens from the Capital who were led by Karson Caden. They were displeased with Maxine being the family head. That was why they followed Luca.

Around thirty of them gathered and discussed how best to deal with Maxine and expel her from the Cadens.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the door open. Many looked at the opened door with puzzled expressions on their faces.

Just as a Caden youth was about to close the door…


The youth staggered back and fell.

“A ghost!” he screamed.

A ghost-masked person appeared outside the door. The ghost mask was covered with blood, which would petrify anyone who took a glimpse of it. Meanwhile, the ghost-masked person was wearing a black overcoat, while holding a long sword in her hand.

“Who dares intrude on the Cadens?”

Karson stood up. Then, in the blink of an eye, he appeared before the door and extended his shriveled arm to strike the intruder.

The intruder was Thea in disguise.

She wanted to help James resolve the matter in the Capital so that Sol could return to peace. That way, James would be able to live a secluded and comfortable life with her. However, she did not want James to know that she practiced the Demonic Sword and used the power of the Spirit Turtle’s blood.

Meanwhile, Maxine would be a great asset to James. Thea wished to remove all obstacles in Maxine’s


Karson was a powerful grandmaster too. Although he was incomparable to the most powerful figures, he was no pushover. A single strike from his palm possessed great power.

Thea raised her hand, and the Malevolent Sword in her hand deflected his blow.

Karson struck the Malevolent Sword, but he was sent flying a few meters away and collapsed to the ground. His Blood Energy churned, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Holding the Malevolent Sword in her hand, she entered the room.

Seeing that even Karson could not stand a chance against Thea, the youngsters all staggered backward

in fear.

Luca slowly stood up and stared at Thea who walked in. His face darkened, and he asked coldly. “Who are you? What are you doing here in the Cadens?”

As Luca stood, so too did four elderly men.

Thea glanced at them. She knew that they were the four experts by Luca’s side. They were his confidants who had been following him ever since he failed to seize the position of Patriarch long ago..

At that moment, Thea was wearing a pained expression on her face, as if she was suffering excruciating pain. Her blood churned, and powerful energy enveloped her body.

However, after two weeks’ worth of practice, she was now capable of preventing energy from leaking. Still, the Spirit Turtle’s blood had adverse effects.

Gritting her teeth, she catalyzed Ataraxia and suppressed the adverse effects of the Spirit Turtle’s blood. Under its influence, she saw everyone else as insignificant creatures that were beneath her. She had the urge to annihilate them all.

However, she suppressed the desire.

Everyone stared at the unwelcome guest, and the atmosphere of the room grew increasingly tense.

“Luca, submit to me or die.”

A hoarse voice reverberated throughout the room.

Luca froze.



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