The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311

Then, Luca roared in laughter at the ignorance of the person before him. At the same time, it was a self- deprecating laugh. So long had he concealed himself from the world that even petty, insignificant people. were ordering him to submit to them.

In an instant, his face darkened, and he raised his hand to point his finger at Thea.

“Allow me to see if you have what it takes to make me submit to you.”

The moment he finished uttering those words, the four experts under his command stepped forward. They were all sixth-rank grandmasters. When they combined forces, they were as powerful as any seventh -rank grandmasters out there.

Four waves of energy struck.

“Die,” Thea spoke in a hoarse voice.

Raising the Malevolent Sword, horrifying Sword Energy burst forth. In an instant, the windows shattered and the Cadens were sent flying. Meanwhile, the four experts could not even approach Thea.

Even Luca was stunned. The awe-inspiring power induced fear in his heart, which completely demoralized him. “Eighth-rank… The aura of the Celestial Raiser…”

Luca staggered backward. Meanwhile, intimidated by the radiance of the sword, the four experts did not dare approach Thea.


At that moment, Thea was enveloped in powerful energy. She leaped twenty meters into the air and raised the Malevolent Sword in her hand. The moment she slashed with the sword, the Cadens would be annihilated in the blink of an eye.

However, at the most crucial moment, she managed to restrain herself.

Then, in the blink of an eye, she appeared before the dumbfounded Luca below. As she descended, her energy locked Luca into place, who did not dare move a single muscle. If he moved even a centimeter, he would be torn to pieces.

Grabbing the horrified Luca, Thea stepped forward into nothingness and disappeared from the Cadens”


The moment she left, Maxine walked in with a few other Cadens beside her.

Upon seeing the devastation and the people inside who were vomiting mouthfuls of blood, shel momentarily froze. “Where’s Luca? What happened here?” she looked at Cadens who had collapsed to the floor and asked them.

The Cadens recollected themselves and looked at one another with shocked and confused expressions

on their faces.

Maxine walked toward Karson.

“Speak, Karson.”

Karson was wearing a ghastly expression on his face since he was injured. Taking a deep breath, he said, An unwelcome guest came and wreak havoc just now. With a single sword, the individual was able to defeat the four experts working for Luca and even abducted him.”

“What? Luca was abducted?”

Maxine’s face darkened. She knew of Luca’s strength. He was a seventh-rank grandmaster. Not even an eighth-rank grandmaster could abduct him with ease.

“Who was it?” Maxine asked, stunned,

“I don’t know, the person was wearing a mask. I couldn’t discern his or her age or appearance. I only know. that the person must be at least an eighth-rank grandmaster. Not only that, he or she must have been an eighth-rank grandmaster for quite some time.”


Maxine’s face darkened. There were only a handful of eighth-rank grandmasters in Sol, and almost all of them showed up at the Mount Thunder Conference.

“Is he or she a sword wielder?”

“Yes, it was a black sword that strikes fear in our hearts,” Karson said “A black sword?”

Maxine was lost in thought. She had witnessed the fierce battle against the Spirit Turtle not long ago. No one was using a black sword.

“Who could it be?”

Her expression hardened.


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