The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312

In a green space beside a road in the suburbs of the Capital…

A person wearing a hideous-looking mask and a black overcoat tossed an elderly man aside casually.

The elderly man was Luca. He collapsed heavily to the ground. Looking at Thea who was standing before him, his shriveled face darkened.

“Who are you? Why did you bring me here?”

Luca was fearful for his life. Faced with the formidable Thea, he had no wish to fight against her. He did not know who the person before him was nor the reason why he or she brought him here. He could only feel his blood run cold as shivers ran down his spine.

Glaring at Luca, Thea’s blood began to stabilize. She knew exactly what she was doing.

“Luca, you only have two options: Die or follow my commands.”

Thea purposefully spoke in a hoarse voice to confuse Luca.

“At least let me know who you are…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, an ice-cold sword was pressed against his neck. “You aren’t worthy of knowing.”

Luca was now drenched in sweat. He could feel death approaching. The person before him was so powerful that he quivered in fear. He knew he would be dead if he disobeyed the person wearing the hideous-looking mask.

“I’ll listen to you…” He hurriedly said, “May I know what your orders are?”

To survive, he had no choice but to show deference.

“Leave the Capital and return to the Southern Ridge. Do not meddle in the internal affairs of the Caden household in the Capital,” Thea said.

Upon hearing this, Luca froze.

Was that it?

The person before him went to such great lengths to abduct him here just to tell him to return to the Southern Ridge and not to meddle in the internal affairs of the Caden household in the Capital?

At that moment, he suspected the identity of the masked man.


Could it be Bennett Caden, his father? He believed it was likely.

Although Maxine said that Tobias made a move against his father, no one had ever seen his corpse. He might have been still alive. Besides, only Bennett would show such concern for the Cadens.


He did not hesitate. All those peaceful and uneventful years in the Southern Ridge had dulled his senses. He no longer wished to be a family head of the Cadens. He only came because Karson invited him.

“Also…” Thea spoke once more.

“Yes?” Believing that the person before him could be Bennett, Luca spoke respectfully.


Thea ordered, “Once you return to the Southern Ridge, investigate if there are any outlaws in Sol and try to win them over to your side.”


hearing this, Luca froze before asking, “What’s the point of winning over outlaws?”

“That’s none of your concern.”

Thea turned to leave. Though she had left, her voice still reverberated throughout the area.

“Leave the Capital and return to the Southern Ridge at once. Do as I say as soon as possible. I’ll contact you soon. If I discover that you have plans to go against me, the Cadens of the Southern Ridge will be annihilated.”

Upon hearing Thea’s cold voice, Luca could feel a shiver down his spine.

“The Cadens of the Southern Ridge will be annihilated? This can’t be Father. There’s no way he would say. such a heartless thing,” Luca murmured.

Only when Thea left did he slowly stand up.

“Return to the Southern Ridge?”

He had no other options. He was now targeted by a powerful figure. If he did not do as told and return to the Southern Ridge, the Cadens there would surely be exterminated.

After taking a deep breath, he dragged his elderly body and returned to the Cadens.

Upon returning, he realized that Maxine had summoned many important figures of the family and was discussing what had occurred a moment ago.




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