The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313


Upon seeing Luca return, many wore smiles on their faces.

Luca looked at Maxine before glancing at the Cadens who were present.

One of the four experts stepped forward and asked, “Sir, who was the one who took you away?”

Luca waved his hand slightly and interrupted him. He remained silent while looking at Maxine. Then, he walked over to her and stopped in front of her.

Sensing that something was not quite right with Luca, Maxine unconsciously stood up and staggered backward.

“Wh–What are you trying to do?”

“Haha!” Suddenly, Luca burst into a peal of laughter.

This puzzled Maxine.

“Maxine Caden, you’ll be the family head of the Cadens from today onwards,” Luca said.

Everyone was stunned upon hearing this.

“What do you mean, Grand Patriarch Luca?”

“You can’t make a compromise with her. How can a young girl like her be the family head?”

“If you compromise, the Cadens will be doomed.”

Many cried out.

Luca turned and looked at them, saying, “Cadens of the Southern Ridge, return to the Southern Ridge with me at once.”

Then, he turned to leave.

Everyone looked at one another, wearing shocked and puzzled expressions on their faces. They had no idea what was going on. Why did Luca seem like a different person all of a sudden after being taken away?

The Cadens of the Southern Ridge were frustrated and had no desire to leave. However, since he was one of the highest–ranking members of the family, no one dared defy his orders. Thus, the Cadens of the Southern Ridge gradually left.

Soon, only the Cadens of the Capital remained.

As she watched the retreating figures of the Cadens of the Southern Ridge, she was perplexed by the entire situation. Intelligent as she was, she had no idea what was going on.

Someone intruded upon the Cadens‘ household and abducted Luca. Then, upon returning unscathed, he gave up on trying to compete for the position of the family head with Maxine. Not only that, he even hurriedly returned to the Southern Ridge.

This was bizarre.

“Who’s helping me?”

Maxine was puzzled. She knew someone must have been helping her out in secret, but who was it?

From the Cadens‘ words, she knew that Luca was taken away by an extremely powerful figure who was most likely an eighth–rank grandmaster.

However, she was not acquainted with any eighth–rank grandmasters at all. Putting her thoughts aside, she waved slightly. “It’s getting late, we should rest up. We can discuss more tomorrow morning.”

Then, she turned to leave.

Meanwhile, the Cadens wore dejected looks on their faces. Now that Luca had left, no one was able to compete with Maxine for the position of the family head.

Maxine returned to her room in her courtyard and sat in front of her desk. Tapping the desk with her slender fingers, she pondered. Images of the events that unfolded and the powerful figures she interacted with surfaced in her mind–the King and Yaroslav Gabriel.

However, neither of them would ever send an eighth–rank grand master to help her secure the position of the Cadens‘ family head.

At that moment, Thea’s words came to mind.

‘Then disappear…‘

Those words Thea uttered surfaced in her mind.

“A black sword?”

Maxine was reminded of what the Cadens had told her.

“Could it be… Thea?”

The mere thought of this idea gave her a fright, and she instantly dismissed it.

“No way, there’s no way Thea’s the masked person. Luca, the Grand Patriarch of the Cadens, couldn’t even stand against that person. Thea has only just begun practicing martial arts for two months. How could she be an eighth–rank grandmaster?” Maxine laughed at her own thoughts.

She found it ridiculous that she seriously contemplated the idea.


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