The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Trent’s death a few days ago caused an uproar.No one knew who the man in the ghost mask was, but Alex knew that it was James, the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains.

James asked, “How’s the partnership going with Eternality?”

“All Good, Mister Caden.”

“Terminate the partnership.Tell the Callahans that Celestial will only work with Thea.Now that Thea is no longer part of the family, the partnership is terminated.As for the rumors between you and Thea, sort it out yourself.I don’t want Thea to be in trouble due to those rumors.”

“Of course.I’ll get it done right now.”

Alex took a deep breath.

After he hung up, he made the necessary arrangements at once.He told whoever was in charge of dealing with the Callahans to terminate their partnership.

At the Callahans’ at the same time.

The current executive chairman of Eternality, Howard Callahan, rushed in.He shouted, “Dad, something’s happened!”

Lex raised an eyebrow.

“Howard, why are you still behaving like a child at this age? How am I supposed to pass the torch to you? Can our family truly be part of the upper class?”

“I hear you, dad, but Celestial Group has terminated our partnership.They even said that…”

Lex shook, standing up abruptly.

“What? What did you say?”

Howard lost his confidence.He hung his head.

Quietly, he said, “Celestial terminated our partnership.Now, several trucks are waiting at our factory to transport the raw materials back.”

Lex fell onto the couch heavily.Sweat beaded his wrinkled face.

Working with Celestial was the Callahans’ best opportunity to rise through the ranks.

Now that Celestial had terminated the partnership with Eternality, the Callahans would lose their chance at becoming an upper-class family.

“What else did Celestial say? Spit it out.” Lex was so angry he thumped his cane against the floor. Howard said, “Celestial’s chairman Alex Yates said he would only work with Thea.With Thea gone, he will never work with us.” “Then why are all of you still standing here? Go and get Thea now!” Lex picked up his cane and started whacking Howard, Tommy, and the other Callahans who were present.All of them left hurriedly to call and locate Thea.

Nine Dragons Street.

Common Clinic.

Thea was awake.She sat on the bed, propping her head on her knees and hugging her calves.

Quietly, she stared into space.

James sat beside her, trying to cheer her up.He told her jokes but she remained silent, never saying a word.

Just then, her phone started ringing.She did not answer it. James glanced at it, noticing that it was Howard.He knew what was going on at once and promptly ended the call.

The Callahans could wait.

“Who…who was it?”

Thea twisted around to look at James.Her eyes were red and swollen, tears still pooling in them.She looked nothing like her old spirited self.

“That was Howard.”


Thea uttered a single syllable.Right now, she felt dead inside.She did not seem to care about anything.

“Thea, do you really want to go home? Looking at how the Callahans are treating you, I don’t think it’s a terrible loss if you don’t go back,” James said.

To be frank, he did not want Thea to return either.

“Go back? Can I still go back there?”

Thea mumbled to herself, shaking her head.

Listlessly, she said, “I can never go back.I’m cursed.I’ve caused so much trouble for my family.Now, grandfather has cast me out.Even mom doesn’t want me anymore.”

Thea’s phone started ringing again.

James grabbed the phone and held it out to her, asking, “Do you want to take it?”

Thea took the phone and answered the call.

Howard’s anxious voice sounded through the phone.

“Thea, where are you? Tell me, I’m coming to pick you up!” Thea trembled.

Her eyes lit up instantly.

Quickly, she said, “I…I’m at Common Clinic on Nine Dragons Street.”

Excitedly, she hugged James, crying tears of joy.
“Jamie, uncle’s picking me up.I’m goi


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