The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 22

Chapter 22.

Looking At how happy Thea was, James’ mood lifted as well.

“Jamie, I’m going home.I’m going home!”

Thea could not stop cheering, just like a little girl] whose time-out session was over.

James did Not say much.He merely hugged her tightly.

Once Howard learned where Thea was, he drove to Nine Dragons Street.

Some of his family went along, including his children Tommy and Megan, as well as Tommy’s wife Yvonne Lewis.

As Howard had always been the executive chairman of Eternality, he drove a pretty swanky car.It was a BMV 7 Series worth millions.

In the car, Tommy complained, “What is grandfather doing? How could he allow Thea to come back? Dad, once Thea returns, you will no longer be the executive chairman.We can’t let Thea come home.”

His wife Yvonne agreed.

“Tommy’s right.If she’s the executive chairman, how will we benefit from the company? How did Thea even get to know the chairman of Celestial?”Megan interrupted, “Rumor has it that Thea is Alex’s lover.”

Howard cut everyone off, saying, “That’s enough now.We have to take Thea home and secure the partnership with Celestial Group.The order is worth a hundred million.We’ll make a net profit of twenty million if we make it work!”

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of Common Clinic.

All of them exited the car.

Thea was over the moon since Howard told her that he was coming to pick her up himself.She was already waiting for him outside.

As soon as she saw Howard’s car, she grabbed James’ hand excitedly.

“Look, it’s uncle! It really is! Jamie, I’m going home.”

“Yes, you’re going home.” James smiled.

As long as Thea was happy, he was happy too.

After Howard disembarked, he grinned widely, saying, “Thea, Dad has told me to take you home.”

Everyone else’s faces darkened when they saw her.She was the curse that almost destroyed the entire Callahan family.

Only God’s protection prevented that from happening.

Arrogantly, Tommy said, “Thea, my dad showered you in praise to persuade grandfather.You should be thanking my dad on your knees.”

“Thank you, uncle,” Thea said, preparing to kneel.

However, James grabbed her and pulled her up before she could do so.

“Jamie, what are you doing?” Thea looked annoyed.

Tommy got angry too.

Coldly, he said, “James, why aren’t you kneeling before the future head of the family? Where are your manners?”

“Kneel?” James asked mildly.

“To him? He praised Thea, did he? Bullsh*t.If Celestial hadn’t terminated the partnership with the Callahans, would you even be here? Go home.Tell Lex that Thea would not be returning.”

Thea was about to rebuke James, but after what he said, she asked, “Jamie,

what’s this about Celestial terminating the partnership with our family?”

James explained, “I just watched the news.Alex Yates held a press conference and terminated the partnership with the Callahans.He said that he would only work with the Callahans if you were there.Since you’re no longer a Callahan,

Celestial is terminating the partnership.They’re panicking now, and that is why they’re in such a hurry to take you home.”

After she found out, Thea felt hurt.She thought that grandfather had truly loved her.Who knew that he only wanted her home because of the partnership? She almost burst into tears again.

James just took Thea’s arm, guiding her toward the clinic.

Howard panicked.

Quickly, he said, “Thea, you must come home.Think of how old dad is.He can’t take any more surprises.Do you really want dad to make this trip himself before you agree to come home?”

Thea’s heart softened.Remembering that grandfather was almost eighty, she stopped and looked at James.


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