The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 24

Chapter 24

At the Callahans’.Lex saw Howard and his family, but Thea was nowhere to be found.His wrinkly face darkened.

Angrily, he shouted, “Where’s Thea? Why didn’t you bring Her home?”

Megan looped her arm through his immediately.

“Grandfather, calm down.Please hear me out.Thea has crossed the line.She asked all of us to kneel, which we did, but she still refused to come home.She even requested that you transfer ten percent of the group’s shares to

Benjamin.Also, she said that you’re just a biased old man since everyone else in the family owns some shares except for her family.”

Lex turned green with anger.Hurriedly, she said, “Grandfather, they’re not my words.Thea said all of that.”

“How dare she.”

Lex was furious.

Viciously, he said, “Just because she knows Alex Yates, she’s behaving as if she owns the world.She doesn’t even respect me anymore.”

Tommy exaggerated the story as he recounted how they went to pick Thea up.He told Lex all about how they knelt before Thea, how she ridiculed them,

and how she insulted Lex.

On the way back, Howard and his family had come up with a plan. One thing was for sure.

Thea would be returning.

Once she was back, she would be in power.

None of them wanted that.

However, if Thea did not return, the Callahans would sustain heavy losses. Howard and his family had decided to slander Thea.

Thea had made a mistake that almost ended their bloodline.

On top of what just happened, she would not get much power even if she returned.

Lex fumed, his breath getting shorter and shorter.He leaned against the couch,

gasping for breath.

Using his cane to point at Howard, he said angrily, “Make the transfer.Since this is her condition for returning, so be it.Get her to call Alex immediately.” Lex might have been old, but he was still alert. Only with Thea’s return would they be able to secure the partnership with Celestial once more, taking their business to the next level. At Common Clinic. Thea looked at James uncertainly.

“Jamie, why do you think Alex is being so nice to me? I don’t even know him.First, he invited me to his office personally.Now that I’ve been cast out of the family, he terminated the partnership.Tell me, does this have anything to dowith you?”

James knew the cat was out of the bag.

Smiling, he said, “You’re right.”

“I knew it! Why would Alex be so respectful toward me? It is because of you,”

Thea realized.

James said, “I’m an orphan, and I was pretty skillful as a soldier.I saved Alex’s life once, so he owed me a favor.Alex was repaying me with the partnership agreement and the incident today.We owe each other nothing now.”

“Thank you.” James took Thea’s hand in his.

“We’re family.Don’t mention it.”

“Also, how are you so skilled in medicine?” Thea looked at James.

Her husband was full of mysteries.

James smiled as he explained, “As Cansington is the capital of medicine, it hosts many doctors.The director of the orphanage where I grew up was a doctor, so I learned a thing or two from him.”

“Just a thing or two?” Thea narrowed her eyes at him.She knew how serious her injuries were.

Even with the latest technologies in the aesthetic industry, there was no coming back from being disfigured completely.

James had healed her in ten days.

There were also new injuries on her face from a few days ago.Her face was still

bandaged with gauze, but she could feel that the wounds were healing.

“Just a thing or two.He’s your savior and an excellent doctor.”

James pointed to Henry, who was smoking.Henry jumped up at once and smiled awkwardly.

“Hi Thea, I’m Henry.I grew up at the orphanage with James.After he was enlisted, I took up medicine.”

Thea did not suspect a thing.She believed what they said.She was worried though. Had she asked for too much with her request for ten percent of the shares?

Eternality was the Callahans’ main business, but they also ran other businesses in other industries, including food and beverage and hospitality.

All those assets were worth billions in total.


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