The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Thea had been the object of ridicule for ten years. Every time she stepped outdoors, her face would be hidden under a veil. She thought she was used to this. 

But right now, the crowd’s words pierced into her like knives. She kept her head lowered, not daring to meet the onlookers’ gazes. Self-hatred started rising inside her. 

“This is it? I wouldn’t want her even if you paid me.” “The most beautiful woman in Cansington? The media must’ve been blind when they said that.” 

Thea may have been staring at the ground, but she could vividly picture the sneers that were on the crowd’s faces. It was too much to bear. The lump in her throat grew, and a tear fell from her eyes. Belinda was pleased with Thea’s reaction. She lifted Thea’s chin, staring at the scabbed-over cuts on her face that were still in the process of healing. “Such a beautiful face,” Belinda said with a laugh. “What a pity. Haha!” “W-what are you doing?!” Thea jerked herself out of Belinda’s grip in a panic and lowered her head again, not wanting to meet the other woman’s gaze. 


At that moment, she heard a loud slap. 

Thea, head still pointed at the floor, watched as a pair of strong arms held onto her. She looked up at James, and all the grievances she had felt up till that point overwhelmed her. She threw herself into his arms and started sobbing. 

“You… You hit me?” 

Belinda pointed a finger at James, her other hand holding her still-stinging cheek. “You worthless garbage! Do you know who I am?! I’m Belinda Frasier…” James let Thea go, stretching out an arm to grab Belinda’s finger. “Ow!” 

Belinda’s face scrunched up in pain. “Kneel and apologize,” James said coldly. The crowd grew. Some of them took their phones out and started recording. 

Belinda’s finger hurt so much that she couldn’t get even a word out. 

James tightened his grip slightly. Belinda bent over as her finger was lowered. James kicked the back of her knee, sending a wave of pain through her as she was made to kneel on the ground. 

There was a thud as her knee met the floor. The pain was too much for her. She fell over, wailing in pain. Thea got Nustered at the sight. “Jamie, she’s part of the Frasiers! They’re one of The Great Four! We can’t afford to cross them!” 

James ignored Belinda still lying on the ground as he turned to look at Thea, his cold expression turning into one of warmth. “Sorry.” 


A slap met James’s head. 

It was Gladys. She had planned on not getting involved, but James hit one of the Frasiers. The last time Thea crossed the Xaviers almost destroyed their entire family, and now James had crossed the Frasiers. “Who told you you could do that?!” she snapped viciously at James. “Go help Miss Frasier up and apologize to her!” David and Alyssa hurried over to Belinda and helped her up. However, Belinda’s knees were injured, staining her flesh-toned stockings red with her blood. They helped her into a seat. Belinda’s face was still contorted in pain. She pointed at the Callahans, venting her frustrations on them. “Do… Do you know who I am?! I’m Belinda Frasier! I swear, your family is done for!” Smack! 

Gladys smacked James again at Belinda’s words. “Kneel in front of her and apologize!” she snapped. 

Thea was afraid. 

The ordeal the Xaviers had put her through was still fresh on her mind. She never wanted to cross one of The Great Four ever again. 

She bent down to kneel.


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