The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2929

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2929-James was stunned at this sudden change of expression.

Yevpraksiya mustered her courage and leaped into James’ embrace. As she held him in her grip tightly, her breathing took up speed.

“Mr. Caden, there are still two hundred years left. Shouldn’t we do something together to pass time?”

James was completely stoned. What was going on?

A few seconds passed, and he decisively pushed Yevpraksiya aside. As he sat down on a chair, he took out some cigarettes he had taken from Earth. Lighting one of them up, he looked at her with a straight face.

At this moment, Yevpraksiya’s dress was already lying on the ground. She stood by the side bashfully, avoiding eye contact with James.

He said in a serious tone, “Don’t do this.” “Mr. Caden, do you think I’m not worthy of you?” Yevpraksiya looked him in the eye.

James scratched his head and awkwardly responded, “l-lt’s not that.” “Then is it because I’m not pretty enough? Does my figure not please you?” “No, you’re stunning, and your body is appealing. It’s just…” James faltered and continued, “I’m only interested in my wife. I’m not interested in any other women, even if they are mesmerizing.”

Hearing this, she got dressed.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Caden”

James let off a faint smile and said, “It’s alright.”

To ease the awkwardness, he switched the subject at hand and asked, ” How much do you know about… Wait, no, does the name ‘Thea Callahan’ ring a bell?”

Prior to this, James was talking to the Spirit Tool about this matter. The Spirit Tool told him that he was separated from Thea because Xandros Tegan did not quite understand the Time Capsule, resulting in them being separated as they passed the River of Time. Perhaps Thea would arrive earlier than him, or perhaps later. If Thea really arrived earlier than him, with her potential and her aptitude, she would undoubtedly be a cultivator to be reckoned with in the Boundless Realm. If it really was so, then there would certainly be legends about her in the Boundless Realm.

This was the reason why James was inquiring about her.

“Thea Callahan?” Yevpraksiya fell into deep thought. After a while, she resumed, “I have not heard of the name. Perhaps it’s because I know too little. As the Boundless Realm is well, boundless, I don’t even know who are the Grand Emperors.”

She glanced at James. ‘Who’s Thea Callahan to you?” “She’s… nobody.” He shook his head slightly. Since Yevpraksiya had no idea, there was no point in him asking further.

“However…” As if she suddenly remembered something, she said, “I don’t know who Thea Callahan is, but I’ve heard of someone that goes by ‘Xainte Callahan’”.

“Xainte Callahan?” He was taken aback for a moment. “Who is this person?”

She responded, “A genius of this world.” “How so?” This “Xainte” sparked James’ interest.

“Hmm, how do I put this adequately?” She took a brief moment to think and resumed, “Well, Xainte is considered the most frightening genius since the inception of the Boundless Realm. It is said that she could speak the moment she was born. She started cultivating when she was three and overcame a Heavenly Tribulation when she was ten. When she was twenty, she attained the Sage rank and subsequently reached the Divine Rank at a hundred years old. Only tens of thousands of years have passed, and she is now standing on the top of the power pyramid.

“Rumors now say that she is at the Quasi-Emperor Rank.”


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