The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2941

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2941-James did not hide anymore and calmly strolled over to them.

The three people turned to James and ascertained his cultivation rank.

One of the men in a golden robe looked about 40 years old.

He stared at James and said, “Young man, you’re only a Tenth Stage Sage, yet you’ve come deep into the Great Wilderness.

Do you have a death wish?” James walked over, clasped his hands together, and greeted them respectfully.

“Greetings to you.” After briefly greeting them, he said, “I came all this way, but I’ve not encountered any ferocious beasts.

The Great Wilderness doesn’t seem as dangerous as mentioned by the legends.” The golden robed man said, “Bah, what do you know? You haven’t encountered anything because they’re all in hiding.” James walked over and sat on a boulder.

He looked at the group, then asked, “Why are they hiding?” “There was an incident about thirty-thousand years ago,” muttered the man in the golden robe.

Intrigued by his words, James tried to press for details.” Could you tell me more about it?” The man in the golden robe looked at James and asked,” Have you also come to the Great Wilderness for the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance?” James was puzzled by his words.

He had no idea who the Malevolent Demon was.

He simply came to the Great Wilderness because he was following Xainte.

James began to wonder if the Malevolent Demon was connected to Thea.

The other man in a blue robe smiled at him.

“You’re brave to have come here.

May I know your name and which sect you’re from?” James immediately replied, “My name is James Caden and I’m not from any sect.” The man in the golden robe introduced himself.

“I’m the head of the Lehmans from the Eidolon Realm.

My name is Shawn Lehman.

This is my younger brother, Hagen Lehman and my younger sister, Yoselyn Lehman.” James clasped his fists and said, “Nice to meet you, Shawn, Hagen, and Yoselyn.” Shawn lightly waved his hand and bid James to drop the formalities.

He reminded James.

“The depths of the Great Wilderness are very dangerous.

You’ll die if you are not careful.

At your current strength level, it’s advisable you turn back.” James was interested in the so-called Malevolent Demon and the events that happened tens of thousands of years ago.

He smiled.

“There’s no rush.

Could you tell me more about the incident thirty thousand years ago in the Great Wilderness?” “Have you not heard of it before?” Shawn shot James a suspicious look.

How could a cultivator from the Eidolon Realm not know about the major incident from thirty thousand years ago?” James replied embarrassedly, “It’s only been tens of thousands of years since I was born, and I’ve been in seclusion all this time.

I’ve never wandered the outside world, so I know little about worldly affairs.” Although the three Lehman members could discern James’ cultivation rank, they could not confirm James’ age.

Therefore, they were surprised to learn that James was only a few tens of thousands of years old.

The fact that he reached his current cultivation rank at this age was enough to classify him as a genius.

Seeing that James was very interested, Hagen explained,” The Great Wilderness has always been the most dangerous place in the Eidolon Realm.

It’s rumored that countless monsters used to roam the Great Wilderness, and that Emperor-Ranked monsters wandered its depths thirty thousand years ago.

“A demon appeared in the deepest parts of the Great Wilderness about thirty thousand years ago.

This demon could control the monsters and ordered them to attack cities, resulting in countless casualties.

“Back then, the largest sect of the Eidolon Realm, Paragon Sect, joined forces with Eidolon Realm’s five major academies to resolve the problem.

Many powerhouses from the different sects were sent to the depths of the Great Wilderness to subdue the demon.

“It was a great war that lasted three thousand years and caused massive destruction to our world.” Hearing this, James asked, “What happened next? What’s the result of the battle?”


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