The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2944

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2944-To find out what happened to Thea in the Boundless Realm, James would have to first find her.

“Haah!” James slowly took a deep breath.

“What’s wrong, James?” asked Shawn.

James shook his head and said, “No, it’s nothing.

I was simply thinking about how strong this Malevolent Demon must be.

She’s killed so many powerhouses from the five major academies, the Paragon Sect, and other various sects.” Hagen agreed with him.

“The Malevolent Demon is indeed a formidable powerhouse.

Despite only being at the Quasi-Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, the Malevolent Demon managed to injure a Grand Emperor.

If the Malevolent Demon becomes a Grand Emperor, no one in the entire Boundless Realm will be able to defeat her, let alone anyone in the Eidolon Realm.

The group continued to converse well into the night.

Soon, a new day had dawned.

Later, the group continued advancing deeper into the Great Wilderness.

They had already travelled far into the Great Wilderness, which was incredibly dangerous.

Therefore, they advanced cautiously, afraid they would meet their ends from a random, deadly encounter.

Meanwhile, the news about the Malevolent Demon being in the Eidolon Realm had spread farther.

Now, not only the entire Eidolon Realm knew about her, but some bigger worlds within the Boundless Realm had also heard about the rumors.

Many powerhouses participated in the search to try their luck in obtaining the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

James and the three Lehman siblings continued their adventure together.

Initially, they did not encounter anyone else within the Great Wilderness.

A month later, they bumped into many others.

The people they met were all very powerful and were at the Divine Rank and beyond.

They had also entered the Great Wilderness hoping to get the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

However, they still did not stumble upon any monsters, let alone the Malevolent Demon.

James and the Lehmans traveled together for another month.

Eventually, they finally arrived in the deepest parts of the Great Wilderness.

“I hear a battle.” Shawn halted in his steps and pinpointed where the sound was coming from.

He pointed in front of them and said, “It’s coming from ahead of us.” The four of them quickly advanced.

After moving forward for a short while, they heard a loud bang.

In the distance, a man and woman were engaged in a fierce battle.

The woman was none other than Xainte.

James also recognized the young man.

It was the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion, Jules Daniela.

Although James saw them from a considerable distance, he could still recognize them.

“l-lt’s Xainte.” After identifying the woman, Shawn rejoiced, “I never expected a genius like Xainte to also be scouring the Great Wilderness.” Hagen thought for a while and said, “There are rumors saying that Xainte was brought out of the depths of the Great Wilderness by the Paragon Sect’s Great Elder.

It’s speculated that Xainte’s mother was a maid serving the Malevolent Demon.” These were rumors spread throughout the Eidolon Realm.

However, it was merely the claims Xainte made in the outside world.

No one really knew the truth about her past and origins.

Seeing Xainte, James’ expression immediately turned dark.

He had confirmed the Malevolent Demon was Thea, which means Xainte must be his daughter.

He never expected his daughter to have already become a Qusai-Emperor.

The intense battle continued ahead of them.

After Xainte and Jules exchanged attacks, the two quickly stepped apart.

Their attacks colliding with each other caused a devastating force to tear through the surroundings and destroy the mountains around them.

“Haha.” Jules floated in the air and smirked.

“It’s no wonder you’re called the greatest prodigy of this generation.

You’re indeed powerful.” Xainte looked at him coolly.

“Get lost, Jules, or I won’t hold back against you.” Jules smiled faintly in response.

He entered the Great Wilderness to find Xainte and was uninterested in the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

The two stopped fighting.

Xainte descended from the sky and landed on a mountain.

She sat in a lotus position and rested momentarily.

As soon as they disengaged, Yikron approached Xainte and asked worriedly, “Are you alright?” Xainte replied without even looking at Yikron, “Jules might be at the Qusai Emperor Rank’s First Tribulation but, he can’t do much to me.” Xainte was absolutely assured of her own strength.


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