The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2976

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2976-“What should we do?”

James was clueless about what to do next either.

Emperor Jabari had asked him to prevent the activation of the Resurrection Formation.

However, his cultivation rank was relatively low.

Moreover, his wife was on their opposing side.

He could not imagine what he would do if Thea fought everyone that entered this world in front of him.

Should he assist them in killing Thea or help Thea kill everyone to activate the Resurrection Formation?

James was at a loss.

With his strength, there was little he could do. He could only take a step at a time.

After thinking briefly, James said, “Let’s check on the situation.”

“Mhm.” Xainte nodded.

Afterward, the two quickly left the mountain.

They chose a direction and advanced rapidly.

The unknown world was huge, and many powerful cultivators from the Eidolon Realm and other worlds had entered this world. It was estimated that tens of billions of powerhouses had entered this world.

Although the world was huge, it was easy to encounter the other cultivators since there were so many of them.

James and Xainte found a group of one hundred people after departing from the mountain. The group was entangled in a fight with some monsters.

The monsters were at least above the Divine Rank and had very strong Curse Magic. These monsters were being controlled by the Curse Magic and did not have consciousness.

Killing all the outsiders that had entered this world became their only goal.

It was a fierce battle that caused a lot of destruction to the surroundings.

A few cultivators were killed, but so were some monsters.

Regardless of whether it was the corpse of a cultivator or a monster, their Blood Essence was absorbed by the mysterious formation in the sky. The words grew more evident after a large amount of Blood Essence was absorbed.

“You need to take action, James.” Xainte’s voice rang in James’ ears.

She urged James, “These monsters are being controlled and have become killing machines now. All they know is to kill. You need to suppress them immediately.”

James replied helplessly, “Xainte, the truth is I’m actually very weak. I’m indeed only at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage. If I join the fight, I’ll be wiped out by the shock waves before I even get close to the battlefield.”

“H-How is that possible?”

Xainte was shocked by his confession.

James displayed great strength when he solved the Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation.

Thus, she thought James was a peerless powerhouse.

Even the Martial Reverend thought James was strong.

James raised his hand and showed her the ring on his finger.

Then, he explained, “This ring is actually a Celestial Abode, which was left behind by a powerhouse at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. His inheritance and legacy were left behind in the Celestial Abode. I could only solve the Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation because he guided me.”

Xainte said, “Then ask him to help.”

James shook his head, saying, “He can’t. He’s already dead and is officially dead to the Heavenly Path. If he exposes himself now, he’ll be detected, and the Heavenly Path will kill him.”

James had already discussed the situation with Emperor Jabari before.

Emperor Jabari could only secretly lend a portion of his strength to James.

Even so, James could barely reach the peak of the Quasi-Emperor Rank. He could not reach the strength of a Grand Emperor.

Moreover, Emperor Jabari only agreed to lend his power to James if James’ life was in danger.

He could not expose himself as he wished, or else he would be wiped out by the Heavenly Path.

Also, he had very minimal power as he was still a remnant soul. It would be difficult to regain his strength while he remained a soul fragment.


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