The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2992

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2992-The Chancellor cultivated Curse Magic. However, after being passed down for generations, the Curse Magic now had many variations. The one he cultivated was the Mind Control Art.

The Mind Control Art was essentially a Curse Magic capable of controlling other living beings. As he catalyzed the Mind Control Art, the countless beasts behind him went berserk. These beasts seemed to be in excruciating pain, emitting agonizing roars. The deafening and mournful roars echoed through the sky, shattering the dark clouds and making the earth tremble.


The Chancellor waved.

As he gave his order, countless beasts charged straight ahead.

James had asked the Chancellor a few questions, which he refused to answer. Seeing that the opponents were charging straight toward them, he ordered, “Enter into formation!”

As he gave his order, four hundred thousand cultivators flew into the sky and stood in different spots. Then, the Martial Reverend, the Southern Reverend, Thea, and James also flew into the sky.

James stood at the forefront, whereas the Martial Reverend, the Southern Reverend, and Thea stood in three different spots to form a triangle. Behind them was the four-hundred-thousand-strong army.

At that moment, the four-hundred-thousand-strong army catalyzed the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation. Immediately, their auras merged, forming a terrifying magnetic field around them.

The power of the four-hundred-thousand-strong army entered the bodies of the Martial Reverend, the Southern Reverend, and Thea. Then, their powers entered James’ body. As James was the core of the formation, he could absorb the power of the four-hundred-thousand-strong army and the other three leaders and transform them into his own.

At that moment, James’ power rose dramatically. The power was so immense that James’ body almost exploded. He could feel his body bloating, seemingly on the verge of exploding.

Seeing this, the Martial Reverend who was behind him grew worried.

‘Such immense power… Can his physical body endure it?’

At that moment, he finally believed James’ word that he was only at the Sage Rank. A cultivator at the Sage Rank had gained a level of power that surpassed even that of a Grand Emperor in such a short period of time. No living being at the Sage Rank would be able to endure such immense power. Besides that, the Martial Reverend also noticed that as the power of the four-hundred-thousand-strong army entered James’ body, he seemed to be unable to control it. This power seemed to have turned violent, crashing and slamming inside his body.

‘H-How terrifying…”

James could not help but be alarmed.

Though this was not the first time he performed the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation, he had the assistance of the four-hundred-thousand-strong army inside the Celestial Abode. Now, however, this was a formation created by cultivators at the peak of the Divine Rank’s Third Stage. A Sage Rank cultivator could never endure the power of a single cultivator at the peak of the Divine Rank’s Third Stage, let alone four hundred thousand of them.

However, James’ body was formed using the Demonic Lotus, which was the Natal Primordial Spirit of a Grand Emperor. When Yaraka Xenmour helped James reshape his physical body, he suppressed the original power of the Demonic Lotus.

Now, as the immense power entered and stimulated James’ body, the power concealed inside his body was released. His physical body soon adapted to the foreign power.

Sensing that James had adapted to the power, Thea breathed a sigh of relief.

At that moment, a fierce battle erupted.

Countless beasts charged straight ahead. Since the four-hundred-thousand-strong army had formed a powerful formation and boundary, the beasts could not break through them. Hence, they turned around and attacked the other cultivators.

The deafening screams and roars reverberated throughout the area.


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