The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3004

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3004-The Sanctuary of Darkness had been making preparations to resurrect a certain powerful individual for many long years. Throughout the many long years, they controlled many powerful individuals to do their bidding. However, just as they were about to accomplish their objective, James appeared out of nowhere and ruined their plans. So, James had to die. Otherwise, the plan would fail. If the Master blamed the Chancellor for this failure, he had no way of shouldering the responsibility. The plan must work even if the Twelve Furies had to pay with their lives.

Killing intent rose in the Chancellor’s heart. Holding a black sword in his hand, he exuded a terrifying aura. He was originally a Grand Emperor at the Second Heaven. Yet, after absorbing the Curse Power of this world, he was now at the Ninth Heaven. This strength was unprecedented even in the Primeval Age, where he would be considered a top-notch fighter. Though James had many treasures in his possession, the Chancellor believed that he would not live for long.

Clenching the sword in his hand, his body flashed, and he appeared before James and pierced with his sword. At his rank, his speed was extraordinary, so fast in fact that even James could not sense his presence. By the time James reacted, the sword was only inches away.

His mind stirred, and the Infinity Steles in the pile of rubble down below appeared before him in an instant and blocked the Chancellor’s fatal attacks.


The terrifying sword struck the Infinity Steles.

Though the Chancellor’s attack was terrifying, the Infinity Steles were unscathed. However, after absorbing the attack, the power spread throughout James’ body. James was immediately sent flying and he spurted out a mouthful of blood. At that moment, he hurriedly summoned the wheel created by the Five Elements of Genesis and launched a counteroffensive.

Knowing how powerful the Elemental Wheel was, the Chancellor chose to dodge the attack.

James seized the opportunity and summoned the Infinity Steles that had been knocked away to form a formation. At the same time, he summoned Demonic Energy to heal his injuries. Now that he had breathing room, he summoned the Jade Seal once more and frantically absorbed the Curse Power of this world and even that of the Chancellor.

Though the Chancellor guarded the Curse Power inside his body fiercely, he could not stop them from escaping. Though the depletion speed was slow, this could not continue. If this continued, he would only become weaker and eventually be annihilated by James.

“Die!” he roared.

He knew the only way to emerge victorious was to swiftly end James’ life. He attacked relentlessly, and with his immense power, he fought against the Elemental Wheel head-on. James suffered tremendous injuries. As James suffered injuries, Emperor Jabari, who was inside the Celestial Abode, was also affected as well. His soul became dimmer, almost on the verge of disappearing.

“Grand Emperor.”

The Spirit Tool was anxious.

Jabari waved his hand slightly and said, “I’m alright. Though my power has been depleted, I can still hang in there.”

Even so, the circumstances did not bode well for them. If James could not defeat the Chancellor as soon as possible, his energy would continue to be depleted. Once his power was completely depleted, he would completely disintegrate into nothingness. However, he did not apply pressure on James.

The fierce battle continued.

James kept suffering injuries and only recovered his injuries through his Demonic Energy. He knew this must not go on.

The moment the Chancellor was sent flying by the Elemental Wheel, James’ mind stirred, and the Jade Seal flew toward the Chancellor and appeared on his head. As the Jade Seal approached the Chancellor, a mysterious power materialized, frantically absorbing the Curse Power inside the Chancellor’s body. In that instant, the Chancellor’s Curse Power was severely depleted.


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