The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3008

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3008-James’ physical strength increased drastically and was now at the Divine Rank’s First Stage. Even his rank was at the Sage Rank’s Twentieth Stage. This, however, was not the point. The most significant of all was that James had absorbed the Curse Power of this world. At that moment, millions of black characters appeared in his elixir field. Each of them was ever-changing and mysterious. James knew that this must be the Curse Inscription, the key to cultivating Curse Magic. Once his rank reached the Divine Rank, he would be able to cultivate Curse Magic properly.

He slowly descended from the sky and landed steadily on the ground.

Thea hurriedly walked over to him and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

James smiled faintly and said, “What could go wrong? Though the battle was fierce, I’m a man blessed by the Heavenly Path. As such, I’m able to overcome all odds. Now that the battle was over, I have obtained many benefits.”

“And your rank?”

Thea looked at himin confusion.

Even now, she could not see through James. She could not figure out why his strength fluctuated constantly.

James smiled coyly and whispered something in her ear.

“Ah, I see…”

Realization dawned on Thea’s face.

At that moment, many powerful individuals walked toward them. This included the Martial Reverend, the powerful figures of the Five Academies, and the Grand Emperors who had been controlled.

“Thank you for saving our lives, Master James.”

“If not for you, we would have perished.”

They were thankful for James.

James waved his hand slightly.

Glancing at Thea, he said, “The mastermind has escaped. I don’t where he is now. As long as he still lives, his plan would survive. Now, our priority is to destroy the Resurrection Formation.”

“Mhm.” Thea nodded.

James said, “I don’t know how to destroy this formation. I’ll leave this to the rest of you.”

An individual well-versed in formations stepped forward and said, “This is simple. We just need to find the Eye of the formation. However, this world is too big. No one knows where the Eye is concealed at.”

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on James. Since James was the one who defeated the mastermind, he must have had an idea. They knew clearly just how powerful the mastermind was. After absorbing the Curse Power of this world, his strength was equivalent to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. In the end, he was defeated by James. This meant that James’ strength was equivalent to his.

James, however, shrugged and said, “You’ll have to deal with this by yourselves.”

He really had no idea what to do. Now that Emperor Jabari had entered a closed-door meditation to heal his injuries, he had no way to seek his advice.

Since James was reluctant to help, the others had no choice but to gather and discuss ways to destroy the formation. After a brief discussion, they first decided to seek the other living beings trapped in this world. Then, they would use their help to search for the Eye.

With the assistance of many powerful figures, they eventually found the Eye and destroyed the Resurrection Formation.

Now, another problem had arisen. How would they leave this place?

Everyone’s gaze was once again fixed on James. They believed that since he was this powerful, he must know the way out.

James sighed and said, “Stop looking at me, guys. I really have no idea how to leave this world.”

“Do you really not know, Master James?” A Grand Emperor at the First Heaven found this hard to believe. To him, James was simply reluctant to lend a helping hand.

James nodded and said, “I really don’t know. Besides, stop calling me Master James. My rank is insignificant. I’m unworthy of that title.”


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