The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3013

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3013-“Alright.” Thea did not hesitate at all. She cautioned, “The Elixir Pavilion is the most terrifying force in this world. Even a hundred Paragon Sects combined stand no chance against them. You have to be on your guard.”

James nodded and said, “I know. I’ll be careful.”

Then, he stood up and looked at Xainte, saying, “Tell the Martial Reverend that I’ll be leaving.”

There was a sad frown on Xainte’s face as she asked, “Are you leaving already, Dad?”

James gently caressed her hair and said smilingly, “Once everything’s resolved, I’ll be by your side.”


As Xainte knew that James had important matters to deal with, she did not act selfishly.

After bidding farewell to Thea and Xainte, James left the Paragon Sect and the Eidolon Realm alongside Yevpraksiya and embarked on a journey to the Holy Realm. The Saucer entered space and traveled full speed ahead.

Over the past three years, Yevpraksiya did not have the opportunity to speak to James. Now that they were alone, she finally had the chance to do so. She had too many questions troubling her.

“Mr. Caden.”

She hesitated to speak.

James, who was sitting on a sofa in the Saucer, glanced at her and asked, “Is something the matter?”

Yevpraksiya stood by the side and asked, “What’s with Thea and Xainte Callahan? What happened after you headed to the depths of the great wilderness? Why is someone like the revered Martial Reverend speaking to you with such great respect?”

James smiled faintly and said, “You have no right to learn of these things at your current strength. Besides, there’s no point in knowing.”


Yevpraksiya said.

“Make sure that the Saucer keeps going straight ahead. I’ll be in closed-door meditation.”

After he spoke, James entered the Celestial Abode. Back then when he was at the Paragon Sect, he tried entering the Celestial Abode to learn of Emperor Jabari’s condition. However, every time he went, Emperor Jabari would be in closed-door meditation. However, this time, he was shocked to see Emperor Jabari and the Spirit Tool in the courtyard of the City Lord’s Mansion. Emperor Jabari’s soul seemed to be even dimmer than before. With the blow of the wind, he gave the impression that he would disintegrate into nothingness.

James walked toward him and greeted him respectfully, “Grand Emperor.”

Emperor Jabari was playing chess with the Spirit Tool.

Putting his chess piece down, Emperor Jabari glanced at James and said smilingly, “Come and have a seat.”

“Mhm.” James took a seat.

Emperor Jabari said, “James, I can sense a storm brewing on the horizon. You might bring about a great catastrophe. I predict that this catastrophe will be related to the Ancestral God Rank Elixir that you’re searching for. With your current strength, there’s no way you can resolve this crisis.”

Hearing this, James was lost in contemplation.

Emperor Jabari continued, “To help you resolve this crisis, I plan to resurrect in advance. However, I require many rare materials to reshape my physical body. I’ll need you to search for them.”

Then he casually waved his hand, and a list of materials appeared before James.

James accepted the list and read through them. On the list, there were numerous lines of materials needed. As James was no longer the ignorant young man from before, he knew that these materials were some of the rarest materials of the highest quality—at least at the Emperor Rank and above. There were approximately 500 of them.

James’ expression turned grim.

Emperor Jabari consoled him, “There’s no need to rush things. We can search for them slowly and gradually. You just have to find these materials before the Fourth Calamity.”

Emperor Jabari extrapolated that James’ catastrophe would occur before the Fourth Calamity and the appearance of Heaven’s Adjudicators.


James nodded and carefully put the list away.


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