The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3022

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3022-The World Pavilion was considered a big sect in the Spiritual Realm, and the disciples that guarded the entrance possessed extraordinary strength. A random disciple was able to send James flying and spurting blood with any move.

Yevpraksiya hurriedly rushed over to James’ side and helped him up, asking with concern, “Are you alright, Mr. Caden?”

He hurriedly took out a piece of cloth and wiped off the blood trace on James’ lips.

“I’m alright.”

James stood up and looked straight ahead. There were about eight disciples of the World Pavilion before him.

“The Lord is injured? What kind of sick joke is this?”

“So even an insignificant creature like you is trying to infiltrate the World Pavilion now?”

“Leave at once, kiddo. If it weren’t for the fact that the Sect Elder explicitly forbids us from killing in the vicinity of the World Pavilion, you would have died.”

They all looked at James with smug expressions on their faces.

If a Grand Emperor was here claiming that the Lord was injured, perhaps they would have believed him. However, James was only at the Sage Rank’s Twenty-fifth Stage. Surely they could not believe the words of a weakling.

James furrowed his eyebrows.

Emperor Jabari extrapolated that the Lord of the World Pavilion was injured, so there should not be any mistake. However, since the disciples of the Pavilion did not believe him, there was nothing he could do.

“Approach the World Pavilion again and we’ll tear you to pieces!”

Leaving that ruthless remark, the one who attacked James disappeared from his view alongside the others.

As James sat on a rock outside the gates of the World Pavilion, he was deep in contemplation. Looking at the stone tablet before him, he was thinking of a way to get in. Since the disciples were powerful, barging in recklessly would be impossible.

“What do we do now, Mr. Caden?”

Though Yevpraksiya had no idea what James was here for, she was concerned about him.

James simply remained silent. After some time, he stepped into the World Pavilion once more.

The moment he approached the stone tablet, the disciples guarding the entrance would appear and beat James up. Despite his numerous attempts, the disciples did not give him an opportunity to voice up. Each time, they would strike more ferociously and violently.

Even Yevpraksiya could not bear to see this anymore. As she treated James’ wound, she advised, “Mr. Caden, it’s alright to give up.”

James’ body was magical. Even while Yevpraksiya was applying medicine to him, his body recovered.

With a sigh, he said, “I came to the World Pavilion for serious business. I have to go in.”

However, he did not mention anything specific.

So, James waited outside the gates of the World Pavilion and searched for opportunities to sneak in.

He waited for three years.

Three years later, a group of people approached the World Pavilion. In the lead was a young man in an alchemist robe, on which there was a badge. Behind him were many individuals who were wearing similar robes while carrying boxes.

“It’s him, Mr. Caden.”

Yevpraksiya immediately recognized the young man.


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