The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3024

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3024-The Pavilion’s influence in this world was unquestionable with its franchises everywhere. As a symbol of the prestige of being the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master, ordinary disciples knelt before him even though the World Pavilion had little tangible connection with the Elixir Pavilion. Jules seemed to be used to receiving this kind of treatment.

Staring at these kneeling disciples, he asked coldly, “Who’s the one in charge here?”

The person who hit James before this moved forward in a kneeling position and spoke carefully, “It was me.”

“Your name?” Jules asked.

“It’s Ladio Harlberg, Young Master.”

Suddenly, Jules sent Ladio flying with a forceful kick. Ladio landed on the ground a distance away from Jules. This frightened the rest of Ladio’s group, so much so that silence was all they could manage.

Jules walked towards Ladio and put his foot on this helpless disciple. Looking him in the eye, Jules said, “Do you know why I hit you?”

Pinned to the ground, Ladio was in great discomfort. He stammered, “I-I d-don’t know why. I apologize if I-I’ve done anything that angered you, Y-Young Master. I ask f-for your f-forgiveness.”

Jules held Ladio by the collar and threw him onto the floor, right in front of James’ feet. Ladio did not know what to make of this. “Is it because I angered this youngster?” he thought to himself but immediately discarded this thought. This could not be. James was not a powerful man. He could not possibly be acquainted with the Young Master of the World Pavilion.

“This is James. Ask for his forgiveness. If he doesn’t forgive you, then this will be the end of the World Pavilion,” growled Jules.

His threat bewildered Ladio. “James? Why is the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion acting this way? Who is this James?” He and his followers were stupefied. Regardless, he did not dare defy Jules’ orders. He immediately knelt and kowtowed repeatedly. The collision between his forehead and the ground was so frequent that even the rocky surface beneath him cracked.

“James, I apologize for my ignorance. I beg your forgiveness.”

James’ expression was dull as he said, “It’s fine. No big deal, you can stand back up.”

Yet, Ladio continued to remain in his kneeling position. This infuriated Jules, and he let out a loud growl, “James asked you to stand up! Are you deaf?!”

Another powerful kick hit Ladio and he fell to the ground. He remained silent and stood up once again. He limped towards Jules and stopped beside this man, waiting for him to speak.

Jules gave Ladio no response. He had his eyes focused on James.

“James, is this enough to quell your anger?”

James thought to himself, What right do I have to be mad when I’m so weak?

He said calmly, “Let’s leave it be. Bring me to the World Pavilion, I’d like to meet the Master.”

“Yes.” Jules nodded and turned around. He shouted at Ladio, “Hey, what’s taking you so long? Didn’t you hear that James wants to see the Master? Send the message immediately.”

Jules knew better than to barge into the World Pavilion. Although the World Pavilion was not as influential as the Elixir Pavilion, it was still a powerful sect.

“Yes, sir!” Ladio could not risk another delay as he entered the gates of the hill immediately.

His vision was greeted by a stunning woman who walked towards him in mid-air. In a split second, she arrived at the formation at the gates.


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