The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3026

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3026-Most of the time, Jules would have shrugged it off and let this beautiful young woman have her way. However, he had witnessed the true power of James. He alone diffused the immense power of the Cursed World and made a powerful figure so fearful that he fled. James was a figure whose existence was as powerful as the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. A man like that must not be offended, for once James became livid, even the Elixir Pavilion would have to pay a heavy price.

Monica was astonished. She looked at James with tons of questions on her mind. Who was this man? Why was he held in such high esteem by the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master? Once she stopped her train of thought, she walked towards James and greeted him, “I’m Monica Trinity of the World Pavilion. May I know who you are exactly and how I can be of assistance?”

Jules responded with a growl, “To have James here ought to be the World Pavilion’s honor. Why ask so many questions?”

Although James did not show any hints of fury on his face, Jules was anxious that Monica might have angered him.

Rather, James said plainly, “Oh, it’s not that important. I just have some small matters to consult the Master of the World Pavilion.”

“I must apologize. But the Master has been in closed-door meditation for many years and will not be receiving any guests at the moment. If it’s not an urgent matter, please come again next time.” Monica hinted to James that he should leave. Although she did not know who this man was, nor why the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master was acting so cautiously in front of him, she could sense that his rank was immensely low. Someone with a rank as low as James’ would merely be an errand boy at the World Pavilion.

Her words triggered Jules as he drew a sword in his hands. The shining sword emanated deadly Sword Energy. Monica took a few steps back immediately and appeared on a big stone tablet behind her. Looking at Jules coldly, she asked, “What are you trying to do? Are you going to commit violence at the World Pavilion? Do you really think that we are afraid of you?”

“You annoying b*tch. You’re pretty, but you’re such a pain in the neck!” He yelled at her with a deafening tone. Did she not know better than to offend a man as powerful as James?

James’s hands were tied. He found solace in knowing that Jules was backing him up, but he knew that people only saw him through his irrefutably low rank. If he could just let Monica have a taste of what he used against the Chancellor of the Sanctuary of Darkness, perhaps Monica would respect him more.

Monica was also puzzled. She was trying to figure James out. But no matter how hard she tried, she could only sense that James was only a Sage at the Twenty-fifth Stage with a slightly stronger physical power. Even so, his physical power only reached the Divine Rank. So how could a puny brat like him make Jules this humble in front of him? Had he accomplished something huge in the past? After all of these thoughts, she took a deep breath and said with a smile, “I was just teasing you, James.”

With a flicker, she reappeared on the ground beneath the tablet and said, “No offense.”

James waved slightly and said, “It’s alright.”

At the same time, Jules was silently thinking to himself, ‘As expected of the greatest man that has ever lived… His temperament is simply extraordinary.”

Monica looked at Jules and asked, “You said he wished to meet the Master of our Pavilion. What about you? Why have you come?”

“Let’s talk about my stuff after we’re done dealing with James’.”

Jules believed that his matters were insignificant compared to James.

“In that case, please, come in.”

Monica made a welcoming gesture and beckoned them to enter the World Pavilion. She walked ahead of them, but she would occasionally turn around and glance at the two.

Seeing that Jules was acting so humble and subservient, she would have begun to have second doubts about his identity if not for the alchemist robe and the badge on his chest.

‘This guy’s only at the Sage Rank’s Twenty-fifth Stage, so why is a Quasi Emperor of the Elixir Pavilion so respectful toward him?’

Monica was confused.

Though Jules introduced himself as the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion, this fact had not yet been corroborated.


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