The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3027

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3027-Based on how humble he was in front of James, Monica Trinity was positive that he was not the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion. With the level of prestige accorded to the Young Master, he had no reason to be this respectful toward a weak man such as James.

They soon reached the main hall of the World Pavilion’s main peak. “Please wait here, let me call the Great Elder,” said Monica as she left James and the others in the main hall.

James sat on the chair, casually eating a berry. He even threw one to Yevpraksiya and said with a smile, “This is good stuff. One of these can make up for many years of cultivation.”

Yevpraksiya did not refuse his invitation and started munching on one herself.

“James, the Elixir Pavilion will hold its discipleship examination in another two millennia. On behalf of the Pavilion, I’d like to extend to you an invitation to be the judge at the event. Would you be interested?”, said Jules Daniela, who stood in front of James.

Hearing this, Yevpraksiya was shocked. She knew that James was heading to the Elixir Pavilion precisely because he wanted to participate in the discipleship examination of the Pavilion. What actually happened in the depths of the great wilderness that led so many great figures to treat James this respectfully?

Jules’ words were music to James’ ears. The reason why James risked so much to come to the Holy Realm was precisely to be a part of the Elixir Pavilion. Now that he can skip that step to become a judge, would that not be a better option? There was one problem in his way, however. Would his limited alchemy skills be a problem for him?

After giving it some thought, he responded to Jules, “That’s still two millennia away. Let’s talk about it then.”

To which Jules replied, “Alright then.”

After leaving the Pavilion, Monica headed towards the courtyard where the Great Elder lived.

“Grand Master!” She shouted for Grasberg Trinity and subsequently pushed the door, entering the courtyard.

Two elders were playing chess. As Monica walked towards them, one of them looked up. With an expression that was both loving and stern, he chided Monica, “You‘re a Grand Priestess, watch your tone.”

Monica playfully stuck her tongue out at him. “Grand Master, there are people from the Elixir Pavilion here.”

“What?” Both elders stood up promptly upon hearing the name ‘Elixir Pavilion’. One of them asked, “Who exactly from the Pavilion?”

Monica answered indifferently, “He calls himself the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion.”

The face of the two elders turned pale as they asked, “Where is he?”

“The main hall of the main peak,” she responded.

The two elders left their game of chess at the table for the main hall immediately.

“Hey, Great Master…” Monica shouted out, wanting to talk about James. But the two elders were already too far ahead of her to hear her voice. She could only follow suit. She would love to see who exactly was this James and was the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion treating him this respectfully.

Back at the main hall of the World Pavilion’s main peak, Jules was asking James multiple questions, “James, back at the Cursed World, what were the treasures you used? The one hundred Infinity Steles were immensely powerful. And the wheel that concentrated the Elemental Powers was invincible. What’s scarier was that Jade Seal, that thing could even absorb the Curse Power.”

Being asked these questions, James squeezed a faint smile and said, “Things that you aren’t supposed to know are better left unquestioned. Ignorance is bliss after all.”

“Yes, of course.” Jules nodded consecutively and chose to remain silent.


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