The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3032

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3032-Wollongong had no idea how James knew about Mount Baidi. He also had no idea why James was aware that he knew about Mount Baidi.

There was too much to Mount Baidi’s secret. He definitely could not tell them.

Jules was out of ideas. He even showed the martial community token, but it was no use.

The martial community token was given to him by his grandfather. His grandfather gave him it specifically because he was afraid that he would face danger while out and about.

Jules glanced at James, who was sitting in a nearby chair, his face pensive.

He was actually worried that James would flip out

Jules had witnessed James’ strength firsthand. If James flipped out, the World Pavilion would be doomed. He was still hoping to marry Monica, and he did not want the World Pavilion to meet such a fate.

Nonetheless, James was only pondering. He showed no signs of rage.

‘As expected of Mr. Caden,’ Jules thought to himself. His respect for James was like an endless deluge.

After some deliberation, James looked at Wollongong, who was standing nearby, and said, “Think it over. I’ll give you some time. For now, I’ll be staying temporarily at the World Pavilion.”

Jules immediately said, “Hurry up and arrange the accommodation.”

Wollongong glanced at Grasberg.

Grasberg took the hint and quickly went to make the arrangements.

James was arranged to stay in a courtyard on a mountain behind the main peak. He temporarily lived in the courtyard.

Jules eagerly followed. He stood in front of James with a respectful expression on his face and asked, “Mr. Caden, what kind of place is this Mount Baidi exactly? Why do you want to go to Mount Baidi?”

James cast a glance at Jules.

He thought Jules was quite good. At the very least, he was able to enter the World Pavilion with Jules leading the way.

Without attempting to hide anything, he said, “To find a herb.”

“What kind of herb is it? Elixir Pavilion has gathered herbs from all over the world. Tell me. The Elixir Pavilion might have it.”

When James heard that, he had an epiphany.

‘Right. The Elixir Pavilion is the most powerful force in this world, and they produce elixirs. The sect must have a large collection of divine objects.’

After giving it some thought, he could not help but hand over the list of items given by Emperor Jabari.

Jules accepted and took a look at it. He was a Divine Rank alchemist, an alchemist at the Three Divine Stages even. The moment he looked at it, he knew what these items were.

He took a deep breath. So many items of the Emperor Rank?

These Emperor Rank items were all hard to come by.

‘What exactly does Mr. Caden want to make?’

Jules could not help but glance at James.

After that, he said with a smile, “Mr. Caden, the Elixir Pavilion has indeed collected some of the items on this list. If you do need them, come with me to the Holy Realm after a while and be a judge at the Elixir Pavilion’s disciple enrollment. At that time, I’ll speak with my father and ask him to give you some.”

“That will be the best.”

James smiled as well.

These items were extremely difficult to collect. The Elixir Pavilion had some. If they could actually give them to him, he would save a lot of time searching for them.

James continued, “I’m going to Mount Baidi in search of a divine object known as Mystic Piece.”

“Mystic Piece?”

Jules was stunned.

He was from Elixir Pavilion, yet he had never heard of Mystic Piece.

James explained, “This is a treasure created by fusing the Blood Essence of powerful individuals at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven and above in a divine object and nurturing it for countless years.”

“I see.”

Jules nodded and said, “Mr. Caden, I know that you don’t want to take advantage of your strength to bully others. How about this? I’ll go meet with Wollongong again, talk to him, and see if he can tell me the location of Mount Baidi.”

James waved his hand slightly and said, “Go ahead.”

He was out of options right now. He could only pin his hope on Jules.

Jules left James’ temporary residence.


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