The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3041

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3041-Suddenly, the ground began to quake.

As the growl of an unknown monster’s voice filled the air, the mountain split open, and a chasm appeared.

Then, a massive horned head emerged from the valley.

The monster had a large mouth with two rows of sharp teeth.

A foul and foreboding atmosphere suffused the surroundings.

At the sight of the monster, both Jules and Monica retreated slightly.

Emperor Jabari immediately drew out a small amount of his power from the Celestial Abode.

His power diffused into James’ body and roused his physical strength.

James’ energy immediately grew stronger.

The Demonic Lotus’ energy also surged through his body and pushed his strength to its limits.

Jules and Monica were surprised by the sudden change they saw in James.

Both of them took further steps back.

Monica appeared in the distance and looked at James, whose energy had skyrocketed. She was startled to sense the energy coming from James. “I-Is he really that strong?”

She was a Quasi-Emperor at the Fourth Tribulation.

Although Monica was powerful, James’ imposing energy left her trembling.

This was a clear sign that James’ strength was much superior to hers.

James sensed the power flowing through his body and renewed vigor in his limbs.

He inadvertently broke into a smile.

His overwhelming power was not his strength from cultivating but pure physical strength.

After a cultivator reaches the peak of the Sage Rank’s Thirty-Third Stage, they can choose a Path to continue cultivating towards to further develop their strength.


Monica took a deep breath.

“If he’s already this strong physically, then how much stronger is his cultivation strength?”

Monica could not imagine how much James had comprehended while cultivating and what kind of Path he was following since she could not sense his Path Energy.

Jules glanced at the bewildered Monica and said proudly, “See, I wasn’t lying to you. This isn’t all there is to Mr. Caden’s strength. He is only showing a portion of his strength at this moment. You should’ve seen him fight the elite powerhouses. The fight was so intense and destructive that every move he made caused immense damage to their surroundings.”

Monica exclaimed in astonishment. “I-Impressive.”

In the distance, the monster slowly launched itself into the sky from the huge chasm.

James had never seen a monster like this before.

The monster had a colossal body similar to the size of a mountain and was covered in black scales. It looked like a winged cow.

The monster exuded vicious hostility.

When the monster flew into the sky, it transformed into an unkempt man with huge crimson eyes wearing a black robe.

The man looked at James below him who was bursting with energy.

“Human, this place is forbidden. Entry here is prohibited.”

His hoarse voice boomed in the sky.

James looked at him and asked calmly, “What if I insist on entering?”

“Then you’ll die where you stand.”

The burly man threatened him and unleashed a terrifying and murderous aura.

James clenched his fists.

Although he had incredible physical strength, his cultivation strength was comparatively weak. He was still relying on Sage Energy. James knew he could not activate the Elemental Wheel nor fully utilize the Infinity Steles.

His only choice was to defeat this strange monster with his physical strength alone.


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