The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3044

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3044-James had to stay in the Boundless Realm for about 100,000 years.

His cultivation rank was relatively low.

Moreover, Emperor Jabari was only a remnant of his original soul. Thus, it was impossible for James to continue relying on his energy.

James understood he would face a lot of dangers in the future and would have to recruit a powerful subordinate. If the Divine Cow could serve as his confidant for the next 100,000 years, it would greatly ease his future travels.

“One hundred thousand years?”

The Divine Cow was stunned by James’ request.

No respectable powerhouse would readily agree to be someone else’s follower.

Moreover, the Divine Cow was a Grand Emperor at the Fourth Heaven.

He was unwilling to submit to another person but desperately wanted the Aquacollis.

If he were to obtain the Aquacollis, he would evolve again into a Nine-Blooded Divine Cow and improve his cultivation rank.

It was challenging for cultivators at the Grand Emperor Rank to improve their cultivation rank.

The Divine Cow had guarded the area for a long time, attempting to break through the formation. Compared to that indefinite amount of time, a mere 100,000 years was a much better choice.

He contemplated for a while.

James knew others would need some time to consider his condition.

Emperor Jabari’s strength faded from James’ body, and his physical strength returned to its original limits.

James turned around and walked toward Monica and Jules in the distance.

As soon as he reunited with them, Jules gave him a thumbs up and praised him enthusiastically. “You’re amazing, James! You’re invincible!”

James smiled faintly in response.

After what happened, Monica’s opinion on James had completely changed.

She had never felt admiration toward another prior to this.

However, James immediately became a hero to her right there and then.

James remained calm and looked at the hesitant Divine Cow in the distance. He said, “We’ll have to wait some time and give him a moment to consider my request.”

Meanwhile, the Divine Cow was weighing his options.

He was trying to determine whether devoting the next 100,000 years of his life to serving another person was worth obtaining the Aquacollis for.

The Divine Cow murmured, “One hundred thousand years isn’t that long. I’m sure it’ll pass in the blink of an eye.”

After making a decision, the Divine Cow appeared before James.

Jules and Monica immediately stepped back and looked at him warily.

The Divine Cow smiled brightly and said, “Okay, I accept your condition. As long as you can break the formation and help me obtain the Aquacollis, I’ll serve you for a hundred thousand years.”

Top powerhouses stood by their words.

Under normal circumstances, they would never break their word after committing to it.

Hearing this, James felt relieved. With a Grand Emperor at the Fourth Heaven at his side, it would make his future journeys much smoother.

James looked at Mount Baidi ahead of them and asked Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode, “How do I break the formation, Emperor Jabari?”

Emperor Jabari observed the formation from the Celestial Abode.

“Give me some time to figure it out.”

James did not rush him.

After three days, Emperor Jabari finally deciphered a way to solve the formation.

James remained idle and motionless for the past three days.

Jules and Monica knew that James was also studying the formation.

The Divine Cow likewise stayed patient.

He had attempted to break the formation for a long time. It had already been a few Epochs since he had arrived in this place, but he never succeeded. Despite experiencing James’ strength for himself, he knew breaking the formation would take some time.

When Emperor Jabari had figured out how to break the formation, he. began instructing James.

He lent James his power again, and James’ strength soared to that of a Grand Emperor’s.

It was not physical strength this time but cultivation strength.


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