The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3052

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3052-Jules knew he had no hope of winning Monica’s hand in marriage.

As such, he quickly smothered his hopes.

“If that’s how its going to go, then forget it. I’ll head to the World Pavilion and take back my betrothal gifts.”

The betrothal gifts he had sent to the World Pavilion were invaluable. Since the marriage was not going to happen, he was definitely going to take them back.

Even though the Elixir Pavilion was rich and powerful, they would not give such precious things away so easily.

Monica said, “I also have to return to the World Pavilion and inform them of my decision to leave the sect.”

James nodded. “Alright,then. Let’s go to the World Pavilion.”

James gained a lot from this trip to Mount Baidi.

He acquired the Mystic Piece that Emperor Jabari needed and recruited a formidable subordinate. With Nico, his future journies would be more smooth-sailing.

Nico looked at James and said, “James, would you mind if I go into seclusion for a while? After I enhance my blood, I’ll return to you.”

James glanced at him. After mulling it over, he said, “I have a Celestial Abode. You can go into seclusion there.”

Nico replied, “Anywhere will do.”

Afterward, James sent Nico into the Celestial Abode.

After Nico was teleported into the Celestial Abode, he immediately detected Nova.

Nico was startled to learn that Nova was also a Grand Emperor.

“Impressive. Even the Spirit Tool here is a Grand Emperor.”

However, Nico was unable to sense Emperor Jabari’s existence. Since Nico was a Grand Emperor at the Fourth Heaven, he would not be able to detect Emperor Jabari unless he took the initiative to reveal himself.

After Nico entered the Celestial Abode, he began to cultivate.

Meanwhile, James hopped into the Saucer and headed toward the Spiritual Realm.

Soon, he arrived at the World Pavilion in the Spiritual Realm.

After James acquired the Mystic Piece, there was not much for him to do presently. Thus, he temporarily stayed in the World Pavilion. As for Jules’ and Monica’s affairs, he paid them no attention.

Before James’ party arrived, Grasberg had returned to the World Pavilion ahead of them.

Grasberg was tailing James and witnessed everything that had happened.

He also saw the fierce battle between Nico and James.

After Wollongong learned about everything, he was shocked. He felt relieved that he did not make any rash moves and had made the right decision.

Monica returned with boons from the Divine Shadow Sect and offered them up to the World Pavillion. Then, she announced her intent to leave the sect.

Initially, the World Pavilion was unwilling to let her go. However, Wollongong agreed to her request after learning she had become a disciple of James.

James was unspeakably strong. He could effortlessly overpower a Grand Emperor at the Fourth Heaven. The World Pavilion knew they could not afford to offend him.

After Jules arrived at the World Pavilion, he took back his betrothal gifts and instructed his accompanying subordinate to return to the Elixir Pavilion with them. Meanwhile, he planned to continue following James.

James remained in the Elixir Pavilion for next three days.

After that, Monica came to see him.

James was sitting in a lotus position in an isolated courtyard. Invisible Sword Energy emerged and surrounded him. He resembled a sharp blade drawn out of its sheath.

There was the sound of footsteps followed by the arrival of a woman.

The woman wore a slightly sheer, pink dress which somewhat exposed her body.

She had long black hair, exquisite features, porcelain skin and radiated an ethereal aura.

Her light footsteps drew closer, and her dress swayed with her movement. She approached James and noticed he was immersed his cultivation. Thus, she watched him from the side. Sensing the Sword Energy from his body, she frowned.

‘Why is his energy so weak?’

Monica was quite puzzled by James.

She had witnessed James’ powerful and destructive techniques previously, but James’ energy was pitifully weak at the moment.

Noticing that someone had approached, James stopped cultivating. His Sword Energy withdrew back into his body through his pores. After he retracted his energy, he stood up and looked at Monica, asking, “Have you resolved everything?”

Monica immediately kneeled on one knee, replying respectfully to him. “I’ve settled my business, Sir. I’ve formally cut ties with the World Pavilion. Now, I’d like to officially enter a discipleship with you.”


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