The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3057

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3057-James made a decision after mulling it over for a while. After the Elixir Pavilion’s conference, he would look for Thea to merge Crucifier and Exalter to form the Time Capsule. Then, he would spread the news of his search.

After the Elixir Pavilion’s powerhouse guarding the Ancestral God Rank Elixir catches wind of the rumors, he would surely show himself.

Seeing James in a daze, Jules asked, “What’s wrong, Mr. Caden? Is there something you’re thinking about?”

James returned to his senses and said, “N-No, it’s nothing. I just had some things on my mind.”

“I see.” Jules nodded and continued to talk about the history of the Elixir Pavilion.

Before they knew it, they had arrived in Elixir Pavilion’s capital, Elixir City.

Elixir City was the holy land of alchemists.

All those gathered in the city were top alchemists of the Boundless Realm.

Although Divine Rank alchemists were scarce outside, there were many in this city. If you were to randomly talk to an alchemist on the street, they would most likely be a Divine Rank alchemist.

Elixir City was very prosperous.

However, Jules did not stay long in Elixir City. He could not wait to bring James to his father who was also the current Master of the Elixir Pavilion, Helvius.

Behind Elixir City was a mountain range. The Elixir Pavilion’s base was located somewhere within the mountain range.

After leaving the city, towering mountains gradually filled their vision. They could smell a pleasant aroma wafting through the air as they got closer to the Elixir Pavilion’s base.

Jules explained, “The air here is fragrant because it’s the base of the Elixir Pavilion. Over thousands of Epochs, the Elixir Pavilion collected various kinds of rare Divine Herbs and Emperor Rank Herbs. These herbs were then planted and cultivated here.”

“Our plantation is definitely the best in the Boundless Realm. We’ve got many uncommon medicinal herbs growing in our plantation.”

Jules gave a detailed introduction to the Elixir Pavilion.

James occasionally nodded while listening to him, acknowledging his words.

Soon, they traveled through a few mountains.

Ahead, a mountain hundreds of thousands of meters tall appeared. White mist cloaked the mountaintop, and the vague structure of several magnificent palaces occasionally peeked through the mist.

Jules pointed up ahead and said, “That’s the main mountain of the Elixir Pavilion.”

Monica looked at the mountain curiously.

She immediately took notice of the extravagant palaces on the mountain.

The palaces were built in the sky and were supported by magical formations. The sight of them was magical and spectacular when viewed from a distance.

Monica exclaimed, “It’s a floating city!”

Jules smiled proudly and said, “It’s called Sky City. The Elixir Pavilion painstakingly built it over the years. The Old Master of the Elixir Pavilion set up the formation.

“I’ll take you to Sky City, Mr. Caden.”

Jules smiled happily and jumped toward the towering mountain.

Upon reaching the mountaintop, a staircase appeared. The winding steps led directly toward Sky City.

Jules stopped flying when he reached the mountaintop and landed before the staircase. Then, he began ascending the stairs.

James and Monica followed closely behind him.

The three climbed the stairs and soon arrived at Sky City.

As soon as they reached the city gates, many disciples from the Elixir Pavilion approached them. The disciples were powerful and all of them were at the Divine Rank’s Third Stage.

Seeing Jules, the disciples greeted him respectfully. “Young Master.”

Jules did not greet them back but invited James into the city.


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