The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3068

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3068-It had been several epochs since Jadranka joined Elixir Pavilion. She had stayed there for so long, so she was familiar with the interior of the Elixir Pavilion.

However, there were many restricted areas that even the strongest Official could not visit. She did not dare to enter these places carelessly.

However, it was different when she had control over Jules.

His identity allowed him to leave and enter places as he pleased, allowing Jadranka to record the formation structure around the main mountain.

As long as she noted it down, she could study its structure and break it down after some time.

When the war breaks out, she would destroy the formation.

Without the protective formation, the Elixir Pavilion would be a sitting duck.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

James left Sky City and headed outside the Elixir Pavillion to Elixir City.

Elixir City was the mightiest city in the Boundless Realm, inferior to none.

Today, the city was lively because of the auction held by the Oscar family.

The Oscars had announced they would have an Emperor Rank Elixir up for bidding. It was capable of helping one withstand an Emperor Tribulation.

An elixir that could resist an Emperor Tribulation was invaluable, and many powerhouses were vying for it.

Apart from the Emperor Rank Elixir, there were many other valuable items.

It was rumored the Oscars had discovered ancient ruins by chance and unearthed many valuable items, including Imperial Weapons.

The Oscars spent a lot of effort promoting their auction.

James arrived at the entrance to the auction very early in the morning.

The auction venue was huge, and thousands of guards were stationed at the entrance. The guards were all powerful cultivators. The weakest one was at the Divine Rank’s Third Stage. There were also many of them in the Quasi-Emperor Rank.

The guards’ leader was a Grand Emperor and a key member of the Oscars.

Cultivators entered with their invitations in an orderly manner.

James also joined the queue.

Soon, he reached the security checkpoint.

Then, he entered the auction venue with the guidance of an auction staff. The venue was massive and could accommodate 100,000 people at once. Moreover, there were separate private rooms.

The auction hall could be seen from these private rooms.

“Please wait a moment, Sir. The auction will start very soon.” The woman staff that brought James into the room informed him courteously.

James slightly waved his hand and said, “Alright, go on.”

“Certainly. I’ll be at the door if you need anything.”

Private rooms were a symbol of power.

Those who got private rooms were prominent figures.

The staff did not know how James got an invitation to a private room, but she did not dare to be inhospitable to him.

The private room was large and had soft chairs inside. There were also some Empyrean fruits placed on the table, as well as a booklet.

James picked up the booklet and reviewed it.

The booklet recorded the items being auctioned.

Jams casually flipped through and found the items to be quite valuable. All of them were precious and highly sought after by cultivators.

However, most of these things were of no use to him.

His cultivation rank was low, so he could not utilize them.

“Tribulation Liquid.”

James reached the back of the list and noticed an extraordinary item.

The booklet introduced it as a magical liquid formed during a Heavenly Tribulation that could temper one’s body and repair one’s Primordial Spirit.

After seeing the introduction, James immediately asked Nova inside the Celestial Abode.

“Nova, is Emperor Jabari still in seclusion?”


“Could you get him for me? I found something that might be useful to him.”


Nova immediately left the place and went to where Emperor Jabari secluded himself. Then, he roused Emperor Jabari, who was focused on his cultivation.

Soon, Emperor Jabari asked, “James, what did you find?”

James replied, “Tribulation Liquid. Apparently, it’s a magical liquid formed during a Heavenly Tribulation. It’s capable of tempering the body and repairing Primordial Spirits.”

“Tribulation Liquid?”


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