The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3069

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3069-Tribulation Liquid was a rare item that was hard to acquire. His Primordial Spirit would recover significantly if he were to consume even a drop of Tribulation Liquid.

“James, you need to obtain it at all costs,” Emperor Jabari instructed him.

“Understood,” replied James.

Afterward, James continued to flip through the booklet.

He turned to the next page and saw an ancient leather scroll.

James read out its description, “An item left behind from ancient times. It’s most likely a map. Unearthed from the Desolateness Ruins.”

The booklet only described the item briefly.

“Emperor Jabari, what are the Desolateness Ruins?”

James asked Emperor Jabari, who was in the Celestial Abode.

However, Emperor Jabari was not sure either.

James stopped asking further questions.

All the items being auctioned were valuable.

There were a few things that caught James’ attention.

People continued to pour into the auction venue. James noticed those that were present were at least at the Quasi-Emperor Rank.

Since the venue could accommodate about 100,000 people, there were at least 100,000 cultivators above the Quasi-Emperor Rank in attendance.

“Haah!” James took a deep breath.

What a grand event.

After coming to the strongest world in the Boundless Realm, James realized it was filled with so many talented people.

During his time on Earth, he had never met cultivators at such high cultivation ranks. Therefore, he was oblivious to their true capabilities.

Now, he was more than certain that countless powerhouses existed outside of the Boundless Realm. Although many Grand Emperors died in the war during the Primordial Age, there were others that avoided destruction and survived the catastrophe.

Many more powerful cultivators entered the auction venue.

James waited for about half a day.

Finally, the auction began.

A beautiful woman in a stunning dress with a flawless figure, walked onto the auction stage.

“Hello, everyone! I’m your auctioneer today. My name is Yulia Oscar. I’d like to sincerely welcome everyone to Elixir City. Thank you all for participating in this auction held by the Oscar family.”

Yulia gave a simple introduction of herself.

She was a beautiful and charming woman. When she smiled, two adorable dimples formed on her face.

Her voice resounded through the hall. “Without further ado, let’s officially begin with the auction. The first item of the day is an Emperor Rank Elixir.”

A powerhouse of the Oscar family brought out an elixir and placed it on the auction table.

The elixir swirled around in a clear vial.

Through the glass, a golden elixir with magical lines could be seen.

“This is an Emperor Tribulation Elixir. After taking this elixir, your body will temporarily become immune to the damage of the Heavenly Tribulation and will allow you to overcome the Emperor Tribulation safely. However, this only applies to tribulations below the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. It’s unable to resist anything stronger than that.”

“The starting price for the Emperor Tribulation Elixir is one unopened Path Stone.”

Yulia’s voice reverberated in the hall.

“I’ll offer two Path Stones.”

“Three Path Stones!”

“I’ll raise it to four Path Stones!”

After Yulia briefly introduced the Emperor Rank Elixir, many Emperor Ranked cultivators began bidding for it.

They all specifically came for the Emperor Rank Elixir.

Since they were about to breach the next stage and were apprehensive about passing their tribulations, they came to acquire the Emperor Tribulation Elixir.

As Grand Emperors, they naturally had plenty of Path Stones. Even if they did not have as much as 1,000, they would at least have 800. To them, spending all their Path Stones to overcome the tribulation was worth it.

Some Grand Emperors began bidding wars for it.

Soon, the bid for the Emperor Tribulation Elixir was raised to more than 100 Path Stones.

Unlike the rest, James was uninterested in the Emperor Rank Elixir.

He watched the auction from his private room, waiting for the items he wanted to go on auction.


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