The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3070

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3070-The first item on auction was the Emperor Tribulation Elixir, a magical item allowing one to safely overcome an Emperor Tribulation. Benedict Oscar refined it through painstaking effort.

Benedict used countless Emperor Rank Herbs and Divine Rank Herbs to concoct the Emperor Tribulation Elixir.

Many powerhouses immediately started to bid against each other for the Emperor Tribulation Elixir.

Most of them were at the First or Second Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank, and were not particularly accomplished.

Despite their lack of attainments in the Grand Emperor Rank, they were still powerful existences.

Being a Grand Emperor already puts them at the top of the pyramid of strength.

They were powerful cultivators that could easily defeat others with a stomp of their foot.

The Emperor Tribulation Elixir’s starting price was one Path Stone. With the frenzied bidding of these Grand Emperors, its price was quickly raised to 300 Path Stones.

However, the bidding did not stop.

At this rate, it would most likely be auctioned off for 1,000 Path Stones.

Seeing these people’s crazy bids, James asked Emperor Jabari, “Is an Emperor Tribulation Elixir really worth so much?”

From the Celestial Abode, Emperor Jabari said, “Of course. It’s tough to concoct and requires a lot of materials. An Emperor Tribulation Elixir can allow a Grand Emperor to safely pass through a Heavenly Tribulation. A Grand Emperor that needs it would readily spend their life savings to acquire it.”

“Can you make an Emperor Tribulation Elixir?” asked James.

James knew Emperor Jabari was powerful, but was curious whether Emperor Jabari could also concoct such a valuable elixir.

“Haha.” Emperor Jabari chuckled enigmatically.

James immediately understood what he meant with his laughter.

He continued to wait patiently for the bidding to end.

“One thousand Path Stones!”

A powerhouse in the auction hall bid 1,000 Path Stones.

It was an astounding price for the Emperor Tribulation Elixir. Path Stones were tough to obtain, and a Grand Emperor’s life savings might only amount to about 1,000 Path Stones.

After the powerhouse raised the price to 1,000 Path Stones, the number of bidders for the Emperor Tribulation Elixir immediately reduced.

However, there were still a few bidders who were determined to get it, and continued to fight for it.

“One thousand and one Path Stones!”

“One thousand and three Path Stones!”

“One thousand and five Path Stones!”

After a few rounds of bidding, the Emperor Tribulation Elixir’s bid price was eventually raised to 1,500 Path Stones.

Many Grand Emperors were reluctant to give up, but they had insufficient Path Stones and had no choice but to stop.

“One thousand five hundred, going once!”

“One thousand five hundred, going twice!”

Yulia stood on the auction stage and looked at the countless bidders in the auction hall. With a smile, her pleasant voice announced. “The current bid is one thousand five hundred Path Stones. Do I hear any higher bids? If not, then the Emperor Tribulation Elixir will be sold for one thousand five hundred Path Stones!”

She scanned the auction hall.

Seeing no one else outbid the current price, she picked up her auction hammer and closed the bidding.

“One thousand five hundred, sold!”

With the crisp clap of the auction hammer, the Grand Emperor that bid 1,500 Path Stones finally relaxed. 1,500 Path Stones made up his entire savings. If someone bid higher than this amount, he would have no choice but to give up.

Fortunately, no one was willing to compete with him. After obtaining the Emperor Tribulation Elixir, he planned to enter seclusion to cultivate. Then, he could survive the tribulation and become a Third Heaven Grand Emperor. Once he achieved that, his reputation would also grow significantly.

The sale of the Emperor Tribulation Elixir made the auction hall lively.

After that, the following items began to be auctioned.

All of them were rare and highly valued to cultivators.

However, James had no use for them.

Thus, he continued to wait patiently.

After waiting about half a day, the item he desired finally showed up.

On the auction stage, Yulia’s pleasant voice rang through the venue. “The next item up for auction is called Tribulation Liquid. I believe many might be unfamiliar with Tribulation Liquid, so I’ll briefly introduce it.”

“Tribulation Liquid is formed during Heavenly Tribulations. From a few Heavenly Tribulations, only a drop of Tribulation Liquid would form.

“It’s very troublesome to collect and requires a lot of luck and strength.”


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