The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3075

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3075-After obtaining the two items he wanted, everything else was useless to him.

James stood up and walked out of the private room after successfully buying the ancient scroll.

Standing outside the private room was a staff arranged by the Oscars. She was gorgeous and had an extraordinary temperament. Moreover, she had a very s*xy figure.

Seeing James walk out of the room, the woman looked at James and asked respectfully, “Is there anything I can do for you, Sir?”

James said gently, “I’d like to proceed with payment.”

“Alright. This way, please.”

The woman made a welcoming gesture and led James to a VIP room behind the auction hall.

At that moment, Yulia was also notified while on the auction stage.

“I’m very sorry. There are some urgent things that I need to tend to immediately. The auction will proceed with another auctioneer.”

After Yulia informed the bidders, she turned and left. At the same time, another auctioneer immediately took the stage.

Yulia left because of James.

She wanted to see the mysterious bidder who bought the Tribulation Liquid and the ancient scroll.

Yulia wanted to know who exactly Jules gave the auction invitation to.

James waited for a while. Soon, a gorgeous woman walked into the room with a bright smile.

When Yulia entered the room, she noticed James and was slightly taken aback. She never expected James to be so young, nor for his aura to be so weak.

“Is there a mistake?”

Yulia looked at the staff at the door, who was responsible for bringing James to the VIP room.

The staff replied, “There’s no mistake.”

Yulia walked over and looked at James. She sat opposite him and said smilingly, “Hello, my name is Yulia Oscar.”

James nodded lightly in response.

He took out the Path Stones from the Celestial Abode and said, “Here are the Path Stones. Give me the items I bid for.”

Yulia took the small pouch handed over by James. She opened it and carefully counted the Path Stones.

After confirming it was the right number, she smiled.

She was intrigued by James, a human cultivator with the energy of only a Sage. However, he was willing to splurge and was not even afraid of a powerhouse like Kai.

“I’ve never seen you before, Sir. May I ask who you are?”

James looked at her and said lightly, “What’s wrong? Do I need to report my background to you to buy the stuff?”

Yulia laughed and said, “No, of course not. Wait here for a moment. Your stuff will be here shortly.”

Then, she snapped her fingers.

A guard at the door immediately walked into the room.

Yulia ordered, “Bring the Emperor Tribulation Elixir and the ancient scroll here.”

“Of course, Young Lady.” The guard nodded and left.

Meanwhile, Yulia kept staring at James.

She lifted her leg and crossed it before James, revealing her long, slender legs. She looked at James with a charming smile.

“I’ve known the Young Mater of the Elixir Pavilion for many years and know what kind of person he is. I also have a rough idea of the kind he’s acquainted with.”

James had no idea what Yulia’s words meant.

He looked at her and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Nothing.” Yulia smiled.

‘She must be crazy,’ thought James. Then, he ignored Yulia and patiently waited for his things to arrive.

Meanwhile, Yulia was distressed.

She thought James was also a young master of a particular prominent family and was a playboy like Jules.

Jules had pursued her for a long time and had asked for her hand in marriage a few times. However, she rejected him.

Meanwhile, James was completely indifferent to her temptations.

‘Could it be I’m wrong about him?’ thought Yulia.

She secretly pulled up her dress and also deliberately exposed her slender neck.

However, James completely ignored her advances as he was busy communicating with Emperor Jabari.


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