The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3076

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3076-James asked Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode, “Emperor Jabari, I’ve already obtained the Tribulation Liquid. How much of your Soul Power can be recovered?”

He was concerned about how much of Emperor Jabari’s Soul Power could be recovered after using the Tribulation Liquid.

Emperor Jabari replied, “It depends on the Tribulation Liquid’s rarity.”

“Huh? Even this has grades to it?” James was shocked.

Emperor Jabari said, “Yeah. The Tribulation Liquid is a magical item formed during the Heavenly Tribulation. It’s graded into different ranks. If the Tribulation Liquid is obtained from a Sage’s Heavenly Tribulation, its effects won’t be as good.

“If it’s obtained from an Emperor Rank’s Heavenly Tribulation, it should be able to restore about half of my Soul Power.”

“I see.”

James had a clearer picture of the Tribulation Liquid’s effects.

After getting an answer, he snapped back to reality and looked at Yulia.

Seeing Yulia’s dejected expression, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Yulia replied troubledly.

James asked, “By the way, what kind of Heavenly Tribulation was the cultivator facing when they obtained the Tribulation Liquid?”

“Huh?” Yulia was slightly taken aback. She never expected James to ask such a question.

“What’s wrong? Was that a difficult question to answer?” James asked suspiciously.

Yulia replied, “The Tribulation Liquid was obtained by a powerhouse from our family when making a breakthrough to the Divine Rank.”

“Divine Rank?” James was disappointed.

He just learned that Tribulation Liquids obtained from higher Heavenly Tribulations had greater effects. A Divine Rank Tribulation Liquid’s effects would be mediocre and much inferior to an Emperor Rank Tribulation Liquid.

“What’s the matter? Did you expect one to obtain the Tribulation Liquid while trying to survive an Emperor Tribulation?” Yulia rolled her eyes at James.

James stopped speaking and patiently waited in the room.

Soon, a member of the Oscars walked into the room with the Tribulation Liquid and the ancient scroll and handed them over to Yulia.

Yulia handed them to James, saying, “Go ahead and check them out. If there’s nothing wrong, you can leave your energy on them.”

James took some time to inspect them.

The Tribulation Liquid was contained in a transparent bottle. There was only a drop, about the size of a berry. It was purple, and a few purple inscriptions could be seen flowing within the liquid.

Emperor Jabari spoke from inside the Celestial Abode, “That is indeed Tribulation Liquid.”

James picked up the ancient scroll and looked through it.

He unfolded the scroll. The entire scroll was about one meter long and one meter wide. There were some strange lines and symbols drawn on it.

James could not understand the drawings on it.

Emperor Jabari said, “I can’t decipher them right now. Keep it for now. I’ll study it later.”

James stored the Tribulation Liquid and the ancient scroll. Then, he left his energy on a black crystal.

After the successful transaction, James turned to leave.

“Hey, wait!”

Yulia stood up and called out for James.

James turned to her and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there anything else?”

Yulia said, “You just offended Kai, the Lord of the Spiritual Realm. From what I know, Kai is a very ruthless person. Are you not afraid he’ll try to seek revenge if you just leave like this?”

She kindly reminded him.

James did not answer her but turned to leave.

He left the auction venue and arrived at the street outside.


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