The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3080

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3080-“When is it happening?” asked James.

Jules replied, “It’s tonight.”

James looked to the sky. It was already evening and would be nighttime soon.

He nodded and said, “Alright. Let’s go.”

“Okay, I’ll inform Yulia immediately and tell her to ensure it’s a grand party!”

Jules immediately notified Yulia.

After the auction, Yulia had been trying to figure out James’ identity. Thus, she looked for Jules to inquire about him. It was her first time taking the initiative to talk to Jules after countless years.

She briefly learned about James through Jules. James was considered the best powerhouse in the Boundless Realm. Even the Elixir Pavilion’s Old Master would not be a match against him.

After learning about James, it took a long time for her shock to subside.

She never expected James, an ordinary-looking young man, to possess such great strength.

Thus, she invited James to the Oscar Residence as a guest.

Seeing that he finally had a chance, Jules immediately promised to bring James over.

Yulia was sitting in the courtyard of her family’s mansion when she suddenly received the notice from Jules. After hearing the news, she was thrilled and regained her energy instantly. She quickly instructed her family, “Quick! Everyone in the mansion, prepare to welcome James!”

Upon hearing her instructions, all the members of the Oscars quickly begin making preparations.

Her actions caught the attention of a few elders.

An elder immediately found Yulia and reprimanded her, “What are you doing, Yulia?”

“Great Elder, I’m inviting James to our house as a guest. He’s the powerful cultivator that bought the Tribulation Liquid at the auction and easily defeated Kai with a single move!”

Yulia explained excitedly.

Saffron Oscar, the Oscars’ Great Elder, was taken aback by her words.

He was present at the auction and knew about the conflict between James and Kai. He also heard about James injuring Kai. Everyone in Elixir City was trying to figure out James’ identity.

Unexpectedly, Yulia managed to invite James to their house as a guest.

Saffron looked at Yulia and asked doubtfully, “How did you manage to invite him, Yulia?”

Yulia replied, “He has a good relationship with the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master, Jules. They met when Jules was training outside. Currently, James is staying in the Elixir Mansion in Sky City. I invited him through Jules. That’s enough chatter for now! I have to prepare for his arrival. We have to make sure not to disappoint him!”

After speaking, Yulia rushed to finish up the preparations.

Saffron thought for a while, then turned to leave. He felt it was necessary to tell their family head about it.

A middle-aged man sat in a lotus position in a secret room within the Oscar Residence’s backyard. Mysterious inscriptions emerged from his body.

The man wore a white robe and was fairly handsome. He was one of the Elixir Pavilion’s Officials, a Grand Emperor, and an Emperor Rank Alchemist.

The man was none other than Benedict Oscar.

Benedict had a great reputation in the Boundless Realm and was not inferior to the Elixir Pavilion’s Master.

The Great Elder walked over and called out respectfully, “Sir.”

Benedict stopped his cultivation and retracted his energy. He stood up and looked at Saffron, asking, “What’s the matter? Did something happen?”

Saffron recounted the events that happened during the auction.


Benedict was surprised. He asked, “A mysterious powerhouse that’s wealthy and even defeated Kai with one move?”

“Yeah,” Saffron replied.

Benedict said, “If such an honorable guest is coming to visit, we must ensure he’s treated well.”

Shortly after, all members of the Oscar family began to prepare to welcome James.


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