The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3083

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3083-The Oscars’ core members at the gate immediately dispersed.

“This way, please.”

Yulia invited James into the mansion.

James walked into the Oscar Residence.

He sat down inside the reception hall of the Oscar Residence. Various kinds of Empyrean fruits containing abundant energy were placed on the table in front of him.

Even Monica could not help but drool upon seeing them and thought, ‘This is too extravagant!’

James also gave in to the temptation and picked up a translucent fruit to munch. After a bite, energy emerged from the fruit’s juices and spread throughout his body.

His body’s pores immediately opened, and mysterious energy emerged from them. James felt as if he was about to ascend into the sky.


He could not help but praise the fruit.

Meanwhile, Yulia had a strange expression as she watched him eat the fruit.

To her, these fruits were just decoration.

Powerhouses were not interested in these kinds of Empyrean fruits. However, James seemed to like them. If she had not seen him attack Kai, she would think that James was just a Sage.

She smiled and said, “Haha. You should have more if you like them. If these aren’t enough, I can order our servants to harvest more from our orchard.”

James had experienced a lot in the past and knew nothing was free.

The Oscars must have invited him over for a purpose.

“Go ahead and tell me what you need,” James said lightly.

Yulia was stunned by his question.

“What do you mean?”

She was puzzled.

She invited him over simply to build a good relationship with a powerful cultivator.


James was stunned for a moment. Then, he waved his hand, saying, “Nevermind.”

He felt like he had misspoken.

His cultivation rank was still low, and he could not perform the role of a powerhouse very well.

Thinking of this, he felt embarrassed and coughed a few times.

Fortunately, Yulia did not ask any more questions.

To her, powerful people were all quite strange.

“Mr. Caden, my name is Yulia. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Yulia suddenly stood up and introduced herself.

James also wanted to stand up. However, he remembered to stay in character. He remained seated and nodded slightly to Yulia, saying, “Mhm. I’ve heard Jules speak about you. It seems you’re very talented.”

Yulia was delighted to be praised by a powerful person.

Jules took the opportunity and said, “Look how good I’ve been to you, Yulia. I’ve been praising you in front of Mr. Caden. If he’s happy, he might even gift you a Secret Art. You’ll be set for life!”

Yulia immediately understood his words and hurriedly said, “It would be an honor, Mr. Caden.”

James rolled his eyes.

Jules was making things difficult for him.

Where was he going to find a Secret Art to give her?

However, the words had been spoken, and now he would have to give her something.

Yulia was currently in charge of most of the Oscars’ affairs and had seen all kinds of treasures.

Ordinary things would not please her.

Moreover, there was nothing he had that was suitable for Yulia.


James coughed and said, “I heard the head of the Oscars is an Emperor Rank Alchemist. I have a bit of experience in alchemy as well. Would I have the chance to discuss alchemy with him?”

“You’re an alchemist too, Mr. Caden?” Jules was shocked.

Yulia hurriedly replied, “Of course! That won’t be a problem! I’ll go and invite my father over right now.”


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