The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3092

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3092-The Oscars had researched the mysterious characters on the ancient scroll for many Great Eons only to fail. That was why they eventually sold it. As for Emperor Jabari who had always immersed himself in heritage and ruins, he could understand the script naturally. However, this did not mean that the Emperor was an expert, for he could only identify the scripts and their most superficial meaning. The rest was unbeknownst to him.

James was not worried. As long as the Emperor was around, the scripts on the Ancient Scroll would eventually be deciphered. As he gazed at the abandoned planets in front of him, he asked, “Grand Emperor, where should I head to now?“

The Emperor’s voice spread from the Celestial Abode, “It’s up to you. This is the Desolateness Ruins after all. The Ruins isn’t a planet, it’s this night sky. The reason you are here is to cultivate. Going anywhere else doesn’t change that.”

“Indeed.” James nodded as he looked at his surroundings, an abandoned world after an attack. This world had been sliced into two halves. One half dissipated as time went by, while the other floated in the night sky. He was surprised to find out that the slice was executed very neatly. In the Primeval Age, this must have been a busy place. However, as the world ascended its ranks and space became more and more stable, it became very hard to destroy space. This world now had been cut into pieces. What forces allowed this to happen? After recovering from his shock, James walked forward.

As he was about to step on a piece of abandoned earth, he sensed extremely violent energy coming at him in waves. This caused his body to be rotated outwards into the infinite space. The force was so huge and frightening that even though his physical strength was at the Divine Rank, his skin was being ripped apart. A few wounds appeared, and from them, fresh blood continuously oozed.

“That was scary.” James was worried. No wonder even a Grand Emperor would not want to step into this place. It was so easy to get hurt here. He took a deep breath. His body was uncanny as it recovered at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. He stepped forward again. This time, with more caution.

As he neared the broken world and stood on the abandoned earth, the frightening force came at him once again. This time, he took care not to be drawn into it. However, that alone was not enough to resist the violent energies in the abandoned world. He had to unsheath the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. Summoning the sword, some mystical forces emerged, shielding James from the violent forces around him.

He moved forward slowly into the abandoned world. There were no plants. No signs of life. Just the sound of wind rustling through the air. The wind was strong as it hit the ground, moving along lines of dust.

Thunder and lightning seized the sky as unrecognized power materialized. The void was ripped apart consecutively, and cracks disappeared and reappeared. Uncanny forces were at work, incessantly destroying the abandoned world. This was a terrible place to be in, even for someone at the Divine Rank.


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