The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3096

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3096-James cultivated as he fought. His Sage Energy increased spontaneously. He could soon fully comprehend the Sword Moves from the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword and even merge all of the Moves into one ultimate Move. Then, he realized he could no longer upgrade his sword techniques because he had reached the limit. Prior to this, the more Sword Moves he internalized, the stronger the power of his Moves. However, now that the power of the Moves was stagnant, he felt no difference even if he internalized more Moves.

James was stupefied and decided to ask for an explanation from Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode. Emperor Jabari explained, “That’s because the power of your sword techniques is almost near the existence of the Path and can no longer increase. If you want to push your limits, then you have to first understand the power of the Path.”

James understood immediately. Since the First Sword Realm had been completely exhausted, he had to go for the Second Sword Realm. However, since the two were inherently linked, completing the first one would mean completing both.

Now, James unleashed the Second Sword Realm, materializing more and more shadows. The entire world was filled with his shadows and those of the Sword. The power of the Second Sword Realm was also near the existence of the Path.

As for the Sword Heart of the Third Sword Realm, reaching the Path was more difficult.

The evil spirit was otherworldly. It had been many years since James started fighting it, yet he had not succeeded in exterminating it, even though his sword techniques were near the existence of the Path.

However, this pursuit was not in vain, for James had increased his power rapidly throughout the years. He had now arrived at the peak of the Sage Rank’s Twenty-Sixth stage. His plan was to first destroy the spirit before starting his breakthrough.

This time, he performed Sacrilegious Ascension. Using the power of the dragon’s bone, paired with that of the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, he was able to battle against powerful figures of the Divine Rank.

To his dismay, he was still unable to destroy the evil spirit, so he gave up and fled. He had to run for a very long time to successfully escape from the spirit’s sight. Once again, he found a safe spot to start his breakthrough.

When James stopped, Emperor Jabari helped him set up a Time Formation, allowing him to make a breakthrough within the Formation. James only managed to break the seal after five hundred years, arriving at the Sage Rank’s Twenty-Seventh Stage. At that moment, he heard Emperor Jabari’s voice from the Celestial Abode. “James, I discovered some new insights from the Ancient Scroll.”

“Oh? What did you discover?”

The Emperor replied, “This scroll left by the Ancestral God records a mystical place. I deciphered the Ancestral Script and found that the place is called the Forsaken Land. The scroll’s purpose is to map the entrance of the Forsaken Land and record information regarding it.”

“So, do we know where the entrance is now?” James asked.

“Yes, we have an estimation of where it is. If I’m not wrong, the entrance of the Forsaken Land is in the Desolateness Sanctuary.”

“Where’s that?” James was dumbfounded. He knew that where they were was called the Desolateness, but the Desolateness Sanctuary? He was clueless.

The Emperor continued to speak, “This, I’m not so sure myself. You’ll have to find it yourself. However, this so-called ‘Desolateness’ is definitely the place we’re in. Try searching from planet to planet. You’ll find it eventually. And don’t worry about time. I’ve inserted a Time Formation within your body. The Formation will follow you as you move.“

James felt relieved upon hearing this. With the Emperor’s help, he was sure he would attain the Divine Rank in time before the Elixir Pavilion’s event.

Now, he had to focus on finding the Desolateness Sanctuary among the planets. As he searched, he made sure to cultivate as well.

On his way, he met many more evil spirits. Some pestered him, but some were so strong he could only flee upon seeing them.


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