The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3099

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3099-Then, he continued, “I have deciphered this ancient scroll and obtained clues about the Forsaken Land. To enter the Forsaken Land, we first need to find the entrance of the Desolateness.”


Melinda laughed and said, “Not bad… The only records of the Forsaken Land are in Ancestral Script. I never thought you’d able to decipher the script even though you have yet to reach the Divine Rank. Incredible, indeed.”

James never thought that Melinda would know about Ancestral Script. Based on the conversation, Melinda should know about the Forsaken Land and the entrance of the Desolateness.

“Since you’re going to the Forsaken Land to acquire a weapon, you should know the entrance of the Desolateness. Can you show me the way?” James asked for he was rather intrigued by the Forsaken Land, a place where the Heavenly Path was absent. Since the Forsaken Land was a place that even the Heavenly Path of this universe could not administer, he was curious to see what it looked like.

“You don’t have the right to do so.”

Melinda said, “Your rank is too low. We’ll talk more about this once you’ve reached the Grand Emperor Rank.”

As the only pure land in this universe, the Forsaken Land was too crucial a place. That was because every nook and cranny of the world was administered by the Heavenly Path. Thus, the Forsaken Land was the key to destroying the Heavenly Path, and she would not show James the way unless absolutely necessary.


Melinda waved at James and mysteriously vanished without a trace. No matter how hard James tried, he could not sense her presence.

James sat on a rock on the ground and stroked his chin, thinking back to Melinda’s words.

‘Who is she?

‘Where did she come from?

‘Is she a backup of the Ancestral God of the human race in the Primeval Age?

‘Could it be that the Ancestral God of the human race long knew that the Heavenly Path would have a backup? That’s why she especially walked out of the Reincarnation Pond to help me obtain the Ancestral God Rank Elixir and resolve the Fourth Calamity of mankind?’

Thoughts emerged in James’ mind. Then, he asked Emperor Jabari inside the Celestial Abode, “Emperor, did you sense her rank?”

Emperor Jabari’s voice came, “She’s only at the Divine Rank. However, her Soul Power is extraordinarily powerful, surpassing even me at my peak strength.”


James exclaimed.

“She surpasses even you at your peak strength?”

James knew just how terrifying Emperor Jabari was at his peak strength. He was at the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven and was only a step away from reaching the Ancestral God Rank. However, when he was undergoing the Ancestral God Tribulation, he was annihilated by the Heavenly Path. Since her strength surpassed that of Emperor Jabari, that would mean she was an Ancestral God.

James took a deep breath.

Since Melinda had a soul at the Ancestral God Rank, that meant she was an Ancestral God before she was reincarnated. Her rank was only weak because she obtained a new physical body and had to recultivate everything.

“Is she really here to help me out?” James asked.

Emperor Jabari said, “I don’t know. However, these are exceptional times. The Ancestral God Rank Elixir determines the fate of all of humankind. Do not let your guard down, and do not trust anyone at such a pivotal moment.”

Emperor Jabari cautioned.

“Mhm, I know.” James nodded.

Then, he sat on a rock and contemplated.

He thought about Melinda and where she came from.


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