The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3105

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3105-Though he could not figure this out, his instincts told him that he could not rely on Jules. To meet the Master of the Pavilion, he could only depend on Yuina.

“Yes, she’s here.” A disciple spoke and made a welcoming gesture, “Please, come in.”

James waved slightly and said, “I won’t be entering the Pavilion. Inform Yuina of my arrival and tell her that I wish to see her. Remember not to tell anyone else of my return, especially Young Master Jules.”


The disciples nodded respectfully.

Then, James waited outside the Elixir Pavilion.

Thirty minutes later, a woman walked in. She was dressed in a pink dress, and she wore a Divine Rank badge on her chest. 1.8 meters in height, her figure was slender, and her appearance was gorgeous.

It was Yuina. When she saw James standing outside, she was puzzled.

“James,” she called out to him.

James walked toward her and grabbed her hand, saying, “We shouldn’t speak here. Let’s go somewhere else…”

However, the moment his hand came into contact with Yuina, powerful energy burst forth from within her and made James stagger backward.

Yuina’s strength was low and only at the Divine Rank’s Second Stage. In the past, James would certainly be injured. However, now that he was in the Divine Rank, his arm only went limp.

He loosened his grip on Yuina and smiled awkwardly, saying, “I apologize for overstepping my boundaries.”

Yuina glanced at him and crossed her arms, saying, “If you have anything to say to me, do it here.”

James scanned his surroundings. When he saw many disciples passing by, he said with a grim expression, “This matter is of great significance. We should go somewhere else.”

After some contemplation, Yuina relented. “Alright, then.”

She turned to leave, bringing James to a desolate spot outside the Pavilion.

“Now speak.”

Wearing a solemn expression, James said, “I have received accurate information that the Sanctuary of Darkness intends to make a move on the Pavilion during the Elixir Gathering. I only need you to do one thing. Take me to your father, the Master of the Pavilion.”

Hearing this, Yuina laughed.

“Why have you come pleading for my help? Why don’t you go look for Jules? He worships you. Surely he would accept your request for help?”

Yuina smirked slightly.

He did not believe James’ claims. The Elixir Pavilion was the greatest sect in this world. Even a mysterious organization such as the Sanctuary of Darkness would not dare act recklessly.

“How do I explain this?” After hesitating for a moment, James said, “Back then, I sense the presence of Curse Magic on Jules. I’m worried that he’s currently under the control of the Sanctuary. If I look for him, the whole thing could be exposed. That way, the Sanctuary would be alerted. By then, it would be nigh impossible to defeat them in one fell swoop.”

Seeing the grim expression on James’ face, Yuina was lost in thought.

She had seen James use an Ancestral God Weapon and pull out a Divine Rank Elixir. However, she did not know much about his strength. When she returned to the Pavilion, she heard some rumors that James easily defeated Kai Yagmur, Lord of the Spiritual Realm. Besides, she knew his brother Jules well. Since he was respectful toward James, James must possess some sort of unique qualities.

After some contemplation, she said, “I wish I could bring you to meet my father. However, he’s currently in closed-door meditation. He even specifically instructed that he wouldn’t grant an audience to anyone during his meditation.”

Yuina was at a loss.

James said grimly, “This matter is of great significance. I have to meet the Master of the Elixir Pavilion and discuss matters with him. Otherwise, the Pavilion will be in deep peril.”


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