The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3111

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3111-“Even so, it’s impossible to find who the spies are among our ranks.”

As the Old Master, Silvester was the one who established the Elixir Pavilion. Over a long period of time, many powerful individuals joined the Pavilion. As such, he had no idea who among them were spies.

James fell into deep thought. Now, the only way was to use the Curse Inscription inside his body. Only by sensing the presence of Curse Power in one’s body could he discover the spies. That was because only the Sanctuary was capable of Curse Magic in the entire Boundless Realm.

“I’ll think of a way,” James said.

James had to test things out with Jules to confirm whether the Curse Inscription could sense the presence of Curse Power. If everything went perfectly, they would organize a gathering and round up every powerful individual of the Pavilion. Meanwhile, James would remain hidden in the shadows and observe.

James voiced his thoughts.

Hearing this, Silvester nodded and said, “I guess that’s the only way.”

“I’ll be taking my leave for now. I’ll be back tomorrow for the treatment.” James said as he stood.

Helvius stood up as well and looked at Yuina, instructing her, “Yuina, show James the way out. Remember not to leak any information, is that understood?”

Yuina glanced at James and nodded, saying, “Understood.”

Yuina never expected that James would have such a back story and have to shoulder the fate of humankind on his shoulders. She also did not expect that the Elixir Pavilion would have such a history.

“This way, James.”

She made a welcoming gesture.

James nodded and turned to leave.

Soon, he arrived at the Elixir Residence in Sky City.

James returned to the accommodation he stayed in previously. Upon his arrival, Monica walked out of her room and cheered delightedly, “You’re back, Master! I missed you!”

Then, she pounced on James, leaping into his embrace.

James dodged in time and walked toward a stone chair before taking his seat.

Monica grinned and took a seat beside him, asking, “When did you return, Master?”

James said, “Just now.”

Yuina who was by the side asked, “Do you need anything else, James?”

James said, “Nope, you’re dismissed for now. Come back tomorrow early in the morning.”

“Understood.” Yuina nodded and bid farewell to James before turning to leave.

Upon his return, James waited in the courtyard for Jules to appear. He did not go looking for Jules. After all, he had already been under the Sanctuary’s control. As such, he could raise suspicions if he acted impulsively.

He waited for the whole day.

In the evening, Jules appeared.

“James.” Jules walked in with a smile on his face, saying, “I have prepared a banquet in Elixir City to celebrate your return. Many prodigies there wish to make acquaintances with you. This includes Yulia Oscar whom you encountered previously.”

James glanced at him.

At that moment, he surreptitiously catalyzed the Curse Inscription inside his body.


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