The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3112

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3112-The Curse Inscription in James’ body was created through the suppression of the mysterious Jade Seal after absorbing immense Curse Power.

As he surreptitiously catalyzed Curse Inscription, Curse Power circulated throughout his body, and he stared at Jules standing before him. At that moment, he sensed the presence of Curse Power on him. Under his watchful gaze, he noticed there was a black aura attached to the surface of Jules’ skin. Upon witnessing this, James was now sure that the Curse Inscription he catalyzed was capable of detecting Curse Power. Then, he silently dispersed the Curse Power inside his body.

“Will you be going?”

Jules had no idea that James had seen through him. Actually, even Jules had no idea that he was under the control of Yadranka.

James glanced at him and said, “I won’t be going. I like quiet places, not hectic places like that.”

Hearing this, Jules was dismayed.

He had gone to great lengths to welcome James’ return. Not only did he invite the prodigies of various families, but he even extended the invitation to Yulia. Once again, he missed the opportunity to have a close interaction with her. However, since James was reluctant to go, there was nothing else he could do.

“Alright, then.”

He turned to leave with a sad frown on his face.

James rested.

Soon, a day passed.

Early the next morning, Yuina appeared on time and brought James to the Pavilion’s holy site to meet Silvester and Helvius. Then, once again, James used Crucifier to heal their injuries.

“How unbelievable!”

Sensing that his Path Seal had recovered immensely, Silvester was stunned as he said, “As expected of a treasure of the Primeval Age! This is simply unbelievable!”

Helvius said, “Indeed… With Crucifier, we should be able to restore our Path Seals before the Elixir Gathering.”

James smiled and said, “I have tested things out. I can sense the presence of Curse Power by catalyzing Curse Inscription. Now, we just have to summon the powerful individuals of the Pavilion and gather them in one place. Meanwhile, I’ll observe from the sidelines to discover the spies among our ranks.”

Helvius said, “In that case, I’ll go make the necessary arrangements. I’ll organize a meeting to discuss the Elixir Gathering.”


James nodded.

Then, James discussed the next course of action with Silvester and Helvius. After the discussion, he returned to his accommodation.

Meanwhile, Helvius left his closed-door meditation and summoned the powerful individuals of the Pavilion.

In the evening, at the main hall of the Pavilion’s main peak…

Millennia ago, Helvius ordered everyone to return after they were injured. Now, all the powerful individuals of the Pavilion had gathered once more.

Tens of thousands of powerful individuals gathered in the main hall. They were the core of the Pavilion. Many of them were Grand Emperors, and even the weakest ones were at the Quasi Emperor Rank.

“What’s going on?”

“Why did the Master suddenly summon us here?”

“I don’t know.”

Before Helvius arrived, many powerful individuals gathered and discussed in whispers.

At that moment, a middle-aged man slowly walked into the main hall. Immediately, silence befell the main hall.

Benedict Oscar was among the crowd. He knew of Helvius’ injury. However, upon seeing Helvius’ great strides, he quietly muttered to himself, “What’s going on? Isn’t he injured?”


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