The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3113

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3113-Helvius walked into the main hall and sat on the throne.

“Everyone,” he looked at the crowd and said, “I invited you here today to discuss the upcoming Elixir Gathering. Throughout many Great Eons of development, the Elixir Pavilion has become the most powerful sect of the Boundless Realm. This unprecedented Gathering has attracted the participation of many alchemists from around the world. Though their strength is mediocre, they possess tremendous potential. If we can recruit these alchemists, the Elixir Pavilion will certainly reach even greater heights with an additional few Great Eons of development.”

Helvius’ voice boomed.

At that moment, James was behind the curtains at the back of the main hall. Silently, he catalyzed the Curse Inscription. Immediately, Curse Power circulated throughout his body.

He looked at everyone in the main hall.

Beside him was Yuina.

Under James’ watchful gaze, James realized there was Curse Power on many of the powerful individuals. This meant that they had defected to the enemy’s side.

“The one in a purple robe. That lady in red,” James said.

Meanwhile, Yuina remembered every single person James mentioned.

Once he discovered the spies, James stood up and turned to leave through the backdoor.

Meanwhile, Helvius continued the meeting.

After the meeting, everyone gradually left.

Helvius returned to the holy site at the back of Sky City, where James had been waiting for him.

Upon his return, Yuina took out the list of names and handed it to him.

As Helvius glanced at the names, a chill ran down his spine. Wearing a grim expression on his face, he said, “I never thought there would be so many spies among us. If they work with the Sanctuary from the inside at the Gathering, the Pavilion will be doomed.”

He looked at James and asked, “What do you think we should do now?”

After brief contemplation, James said, “For now, we need to neutralize them before the Gathering commences.”

Wearing a grim expression on his face, Helvius said, “Neutralize? That’s easier said than done. It’s nigh impossible to neutralize them without arousing suspicions. Besides, the Old Master and I are injured.”

James waved his hand slightly and said, “There’s no need to rush things. We can discuss more when you have regained your strength.”

With Crucifier, James was able to heal their injuries before the Gathering commenced.

After some contemplation, James said, “I have a question.”

“What question?” Silvester asked.

James said, “After doing some research, I learned that Jules is a playboy who only has his mind on the ladies. However, not too long ago, he kept appearing at the main peaks of the Pavilion and would remain there for some time. Since he’s now under the control of the Sanctuary, we need to understand what he’s up to.”

Jules’ movements were easy to track. After all, he did not bother hiding his tracks.

“The main peaks of the Pavilion?”

Silvester froze momentarily. Then, realization dawned on his face as he said, “Could it be that his objective is to research the Mountain Formation of the Pavilion?”

After brief contemplation, James said, “It’s possible.”

“That scoundrel!” Helvius cursed and said, “I’ll tear him to pieces!”

James hurriedly said, “Let’s not act impulsively. Curse Magic is bizarre. Perhaps Jules himself has no idea that he’s under the Sanctuary’s influence.”


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