The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3116

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3116-As a Grand Emperor, Benedict’s retaliation would be catastrophic even though his Path Seal was broken. Concerned that this region could be utterly destroyed, Silvester sealed his strength away.

Benedict collapsed to the ground. There were cracks all over his body. His face was pale, and there was blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. His face was solemn as he asked coldly, “Why?”


Silvester sat down and looked at Benedict who was lying on the ground before saying coldly, “Surely you know the reason.”

“A-Aren’t you injured?” Benedict’s face was pale.

He never thought that he would be ambushed and that Silvester’s strength had recovered.

Helvius stood up and walked toward Benedict. Glancing downward, he said coldly, “Benedict Oscar, we have never mistreated you. Why did you defect to the Sanctuary?”

Benedict’s face was dark. He knew that his identity was exposed. As such, he remained silent and simply glared at them.

“Didn’t expect this, did you?” Helvius said, “You never expected we’d make a move on you before the Elixir Gathering commences.”


Benedict said coldly, “However, do you think you stand a chance against the Sanctuary just because you have subdued me? No way. The Sanctuary’s might is beyond your comprehension.”

James said coldly, “If the Sanctuary is as mighty as you say, they wouldn’t have tried taking the Old Master out of the equation.”

Then, he uttered word by word, “That’s because they fear the Old Master.”

Silvester did not waste his breath on Benedict. He ordered his subordinates to imprison him in secret. His fate would be determined once the Sanctuary was annihilated.

Now that Benedict, the strongest among the spies, had been dealt with, the rest was but a piece of cake. Based on their original plan, they would summon the spies here and subdue them while their guard was down. Just like that, they managed to subdue the spies effortlessly and imprison them. Now, all preparations had been made. Once the Elixir Gathering commenced, they would wait for the Sanctuary to make a move, and that would be the downfall of the Sanctuary. As for Jules, everyone put him aside for now. That was because they knew that Jules was under the influence of the Sanctuary and would open the Mountain Formation at the critical moment to allow passage to the enemy forces. Meanwhile, Silvester had already secretly changed the Formation, unbeknownst to Jules.

Since James had nothing else to do at the moment, he waited patiently for the Elixir Gathering to arrive.

In the Celestial Abode…

James appeared at the place where Emperor Jabari was in closed-door meditation and looked at the statue before him, asking, “How’s your soul recovering, Grand Emperor?”

The status came to life and transformed into a handsome-looking man. A smile crept up on Emperor Jabari’s face as he said, “Very good, my soul has recovered by a lot.”

Hearing this, James was relieved.

“All preparations have been made. Now, we’re only waiting for the Sanctuary to appear. The Sanctuary also has a fragment of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir in his possession. Once we annihilate the Sanctuary, we can seize their elixir. Together with the elixir in the Pavilion’s possession, we’ll have a total of two fragments. By then, we just have to find the remaining three and my journey to the Boundless Realm will be considered mission accomplished.”

Emperor Jabari said smilingly, “The Ancestral God Rank Elixir should be easy to locate. Once I regain my physical body and am resurrected, I can extrapolate the whereabouts of the other fragments.”


His smile froze.

“I don’t think things will go so smoothly. Obtaining the Ancestral God Rank Elixir will be near to impossible. The Heavenly Path won’t allow for this, and so does the Sanctuary.”

Now that it had come to this, there was nothing else James was worried about. He said, “I guess we can only take one step at a time now.”


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