The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3120

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3120-The Gathering had begun. Meanwhile, James and the others waited patiently for the Sanctuary to arrive.

At the same time, many elixir pharmacies appeared on the main peaks of the Pavilion. Each elixir pharmacy was managed by an Elder of the Pavilion, and they sold all kinds of elixirs. The weakest were Divine Rank Elixirs, and each of them was rare and priceless. There were even Emperor Rank Elixirs being sold at some of the main peaks. The cultivators all began to choose the elixirs they needed.

At that moment, a group of mysterious people in black silently appeared outside the Elixir Realm. In the lead was a young man about twenty-five years of age. Wearing a black robe, he was somewhat handsome-looking. However, he was enveloped in a black aura that seemed malicious and malevolent.

He was Tamuuz Darkness, the Deputy Master of the Sanctuary. As the core member of the Sanctuary, he was in the loop of all plans in the Sanctuary. Besides that, he possessed immense power and was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven, a rank similar to Silvester Daniela, the Old Master of the Pavilion. Not only that, but he practiced Curse Magic, which was both malevolent and terrifying. Faced against Grand Emperors of a similar rank, even if he could not overwhelm his enemies, he would not be easily defeated either.

There were many people behind him—the Chancellor and even Jimmu Melqart. Those who followed Tamuuz were at least Sect Elders of the Sanctuary, and even the weakest were at the Grand Emperor Rank.

Behind Tamuuz, meanwhile, were 300 men. This meant that the Sanctuary had mobilized 300 Grand Emperors for this occasion.

As they appeared, huge airships appeared in the void. Each of them carried many powerful individuals at the Quasi Emperor Rank. To annihilate the Elixir Pavilion, the Sanctuary had given its all.

“When will we make a move, Master?”

The Chancellor approached him and asked humbly.

Though the Chancellor was the one who formulated the strategies, he was nonetheless extremely subservient toward this mysterious Deputy Leader.

The Deputy Leader, on the other hand, had a grim expression on his face. He said slowly, “Something’s not quite right. None of our men who infiltrated the Elixir Pavilion is responding.”

The Deputy Leader tried contacting the spies he inserted among the Pavilion’s ranks to no avail. It made him wary.


At that moment, a ball of black aura emerged. The black aura gradually formed a humanoid shape. Then, a woman with a curvaceous figure appeared before Tamuuz.

“Deputy Leader,” Jadranka greeted him respectfully.

Tamuuz asked, “What’s the situation inside? Are there any anomalies?”

Jadranka said, “After I manipulated Helvius into attacking Silvester, Helvius was also injured as well. Now, the two most powerful figures of the Elixir are severely injured. Their strength will be diminished in a fight. Over the past two thousand years, I scouted the restricted areas of the Pavilion to learn more about their Formation. Now, we can open the Mountain Formation anytime we want. In the meantime, the Elixir Pavilion has summoned its powerful members dispersed all around the world. Other than that, everything’s business as usual.”

As Jadranka had been secretly manipulating Jules, she knew the Pavilion inside-out and that there were no anomalies within the Pavilion.


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