The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3126

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3126-The Pavilion’s Great Elder was a Grand Emperor called Nergul Daniela. As a Third Heaven Grand Emperor, he held a high status in the Pavilion, where he was in charge of all matters. The moment he made a move, the Path’s power gathered in his palm and charged toward Tamuuz, who was a distance away.

Tamuuz appeared in the sky and stood in mid-air as a faint grin crept up on his face. The Sanctuary was fearful of Silvester and Helvius, not a mere Nergul. Thus, when the terrifying Path’s power charged straight toward him, he casually waved, and a black light appeared in his palm, gathering to form a black disc. The disc easily blocked Nergul’s attack.

Seeing this, Nergul furrowed his eyebrows. Then, he pointed the cane in his hand in Tamuuz’s direction. At that moment, a crack appeared in the void and charged straight toward Tamuuz.

However, at that moment, Tamuuz casually waved his hand, and mysterious black characters emerged. These black characters possessed a bizarre power. Before Nergul could react, he sensed a terrifying power sweeping toward him. Under the overwhelming pressure, cracks began to appear on his body as he plummeted from the sky and crashed into a mountain below.

Grand Emperors stood no chance against fellow Grand Emperors at a higher sub-rank. Even a Grand Emperor at the Third Heaven like Nergul was no match for Tamuuz.

“Enter formation!”

“Defend the mountains!”

Seeing that Nergul was defeated, the other figures of the Pavilion panicked and hurriedly activated the Formation.

Tamuuz, on the other hand, was composed. In the past, he needed some thought to break the Mountain Formation of the Pavilion. Now, however, there was no need to do so.

He glanced backward and ordered, “Charge!”

As he ordered, many powerful figures of the Sanctuary emerged, and countless airships appeared in the sky outside Elixir City.

Seeing this, the powerful figures of the Pavilion turned pale.

James had been observing the situation from inside the holy site. Seeing that the enemy had appeared, his body flashed, and he appeared in mid-air.

There were many people behind Tamuuz—the Chancellor, Jadranka, and Jimmu.

Upon seeing James, the Chancellor’s face turned pale as he unconsciously staggered backward and pointed at James who was at a distance away, “D-Deputy Leader, that’s him!” His voice trembled. “He was the one who ruined our plans in the Cursed World!”


Tamuuz froze.

As the Deputy Leader of the Sanctuary, he knew about this plan. The Sanctuary had been formulating the plan for a long time. Yet, the plan was foiled by a mysterious person. After the disaster, he especially looked into James but could find no clues.

Upon seeing James and sensing his rank, he turned around and glanced at the Chancellor, asking puzzledly, “Are you sure about this, Chancellor? How can this be? He’s only at the Divine Rank.”

The Chancellor said with confidence, “There’s no way I’d have mistaken him for someone else. Back then when we were in the Cursed World, he was only at the Sage Rank. That was why I let my guard down, causing the plan to fail.”

Hearing this, Tamuuz fell into deep thought.

He tried sensing James’ aura again. Once again, James was in the Divine Rank.

He was puzzled. ‘Why is he only at the Divine Rank no matter how much I try to sense his aura?’


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