The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3128

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3128-The Sanctuary had gone all out to destroy the Pavilion by mobilizing hundreds of Grand Emperors. Though their prowess was at the low end of the Grand Emperor Rank, about the First to Second Heaven, these were Grand Emperors who stood at the pinnacle of the power pyramid, after all. A single Grand Emperor fighting with his full strength was terrifying, not to mention hundreds of them. Besides Grand Emperors, the Sanctuary had many other Quasi Emperors and cultivators at the peak of the Divine Rank.

Countless figures emerged from the airships behind Tamuuz. Just as they began making a move, a mysterious line suddenly appeared from below and enveloped Elixir City. Immediately, Elixir City vanished without a trace. This was a Formation prepared in advance to protect the city. Once activated, Elixir City would be transported to somewhere safe.

At that moment, the Pavilion’s Mountain Formation had been activated.

Standing above Sky City, James gazed at Tamuuz from a distance away. Upon seeing the countless powerful figures behind him, a chill ran down his spine. This would be the most significant battle he had ever fought in his lifetime.

“Break the Formation, Jadranka!” Tamuuz ordered.


Jadranka stood up immediately. Casually waving her hand, mysterious and convoluted characters appeared in her palm.

At that moment, Jules who was inside the Elixir Residence was immediately controlled. After being controlled, he headed toward the core region of the Formation and tried breaking it from the inside. However, there was no response.

Jadranka’s face paled. Wearing a grim expression, she said, “Deputy Leader, the Formation won’t break.”

Enraged, Tamuuz cursed, “What? What the hell is going on?”

Jadranka shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I was sure that I could break the Pavilion’s Mountain Formation. But now, there’s no response. There is one possibility. The Pavilion must have changed the Mountain Formation.”

Tamuuz’s expression turned unusually solemn.

At that moment, the Chancellor approached him and whispered, “Deputy Leader, I sense extraordinary changes in the Heavenly Path. If my extrapolations are correct, our operation could fail.”

“Stop f*cking around with me!” Tamuuz’s face darkened as he said, “The Sanctuary has gone all out to annihilate the Pavilion. Now, the two most powerful figures of the Pavilion are injured. Even if they can still fight, their strength has been greatly diminished. Without Silvester and Helvius, how does the Pavilion plan to fight against us? Now, we just have to break the Formation to annihilate the Pavilion.”

Tamuuz was determined to destroy the Pavilion. Though the Chancellor had extrapolated that there were extraordinary changes in the Heavenly Path and that the operation could fail, Tamuuz was not a man who would leave his fate to the heavens.

“Attack at all cost!” Tamuuz ordered.

As he ordered, countless powerful figures behind him attacked the Mountain Formation.

The Pavilion was enveloped by a powerful Formation, and countless mysterious characters materialized and temporarily defended against the Sanctuary’s attacks. The surrounding space of the Pavilion was continuously being shattered by immense power. This terrifying power spread to the surroundings. Mountains disintegrated and were reduced to dust.

At the same time, the entire Elixir Realm could sense immense power.

“What’s going on?”

“I sense energy fluctuations coming from the direction of the Elixir Pavilion!”

“I thought they were having an Elixir Gathering? Could it be that a powerful force is attacking them now? If so, the entire Elixir Realm could become a battlefield!”


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