The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3131

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3131-A fierce battle had erupted in this region.

Cultivators from the Sanctuary of Darkness and cultivators from the Elixir Pavilion were engaged in a life-and-death struggle.

Without waiting for James’ instruction, Nico took action. He instantly rushed to a Quasi-Emperor, grabbed this Quasi-Emperor, and ripped them apart casually.

Blood and flesh were strewn about in an instant. The Quasi-Emperor’s soul fled quickly.

However, how would a Quasi-Emperor have a chance to escape when faced against a Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven?

Nico struck and annihilated a Quasi-Emperor with ease.

James was standing in the air, holding the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. He had a magnificent aura about him. It was extremely terrifying.

He looked around. In his surroundings, fierce combats had erupted.

The fights between Silvester and Tamuuz, as well as Helvius and Jadranka, were the most intense.

All of them were extremely powerful cultivators. Every movement they made could unleash forces with the potential to cause significant destruction.

The conflict kept escalating. Soon, it spread across half of the Elixir Realm.

The region continued to be destroyed.

While James was focused on the battle, a powerful cultivator from the Sanctuary of Darkness quietly appeared behind him. This powerful cultivator was a cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven.

After this Grand Emperor appeared, they raised their arm, and an inscription manifested in their palm. This inscription quickly formed into a frightening longsword.

Carrying an unmatched force, the longsword charged toward James.

James sensed the danger immediately. He quickly turned around, and a longsword with an unusual power swept over him the moment he turned.

He raised the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in his hand, casually waved it around, and a Sword Light burst forth.

The longsword and Sword Light instantly collided.


The moment they collided, the sky exploded.

In the sky, a massive crack appeared. As it continued to grow, the crack spread across millions of kilometers.

A crack millions of kilometers long appeared in the sky. An extremely terrifying Sword Path Energy manifested from the crack. The Sword Path Energy swooped down, and the areas shrouded by the crack were instantly destroyed.

This was how terrifying cultivators at the Grand Emperor Rank were.

Although the Elixir Realm was the most powerful world and had a very durable space, it was also destroyed.

After they fought, James felt a terrifying force rushing toward him. His body was struck by this force, and he kept moving backward.

His physical body was very strong. A cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven could not destroy his physical body.

Regardless, this force was too powerful. He was jolted backward several hundred thousand kilometers before he finally got rid of this force.

‘So powerful.’

James was secretly astonished.

When he was astonished, the Grand Emperor who had struck him appeared in front of James once again.

Before James could react, thousands upon thousands of Sword Energies appeared all around him. Every Sword Energy was formed from sword-fighting inscriptions and carried dreadful force.

Countless Sword Energies formed a net of blades around his body. He was surrounded by the net of blades.

“Hmph.” James huffed.

With the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in hand, his body and the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword appeared to form a straight line. He charged forward. The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in his hand unleashed an extremely terrifying force.

The net of Sword Energies ahead was destroyed continuously. In an instant, the net of blades was shattered.

James and his sword appeared in front of the Grand Emperor and he pierced through his body.

However, after piercing his body, his body vanished on the spot.

Only then did James realize that it was an afterimage the Grand Emperor had left.

Before James could react, a frightful force approached him from behind. This force was crashing down on him like a world. He could feel the weight of this region’s space growing heavier by the second.

Suddenly, before he could adjust, his body was crushed and fell from the sky, and he crashed hard into the ruins on the ground.


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