The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3135

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3135-In this outer space, extremely powerful forces collided and destroyed the void continuously.

Tamuuz and Silvester were at the same rank. They both had a similar level of understanding of the Path. However, Tamuuz cultivated Curse Magic. Curse Magic was very peculiar. He was more powerful than Silvester.

Nonetheless, with James’ addition, it was now different.

James was in the distance, wielding the Elemental Wheel and launching lethal attacks on Tamuuz. Simultaneously, Infinity Steles were constantly manifesting and slamming toward Tamuuz with mighty force.

Although James did not fully comprehend the Infinity Steles, when used with his current strength, they were the most powerful heavy weapons in the universe. Each Infinity Stele weighed more than a world.

The Infinity Steles slammed toward Tamuuz. Even Tamuuz could not withstand them.

In the Celestial Abode, Emperor Jabari was watching the battle as well.

Emperor Jabari was once a powerful cultivator at the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. He had been on countless expeditions, charged into many dangerous places, encountered many dangers, and fought numerous battles.

“Even though the Five Elements of Genesis are terrifying, James did not gain insight into the Elemental Path. He can only draw on the Five Elements of Genesis’ power to confront his opponent. I’m afraid this won’t be enough to completely annihilate them.”

Emperor Jabari could tell that the Elemental Wheel formed from the Five Elements of Genesis was frightening.

Regardless, James did not cultivate the Elemental Path. He could not fully utilize the Five Elements of Genesis and Elemental Inversion.

He was assisting the battle from the sidelines and could only trouble Tamuuz. Even if he could hurt Tamuuz, killing him was too difficult.

Silvester, on the other hand, was about the same level as Tamuuz. It was extremely difficult for him to kill Tamuuz as well. It was simple to pick a winner between cultivators of the same rank, but it was much more difficult if it was a battle to the death.

Right now, the only way to end the battle quickly was for him to intervene.

Emperor Jabari was contemplating whether he should get involved.

If he intervened this time, it would not be as simple as the last time he took action and injured Kai. If he struck this time, he would use a superior Path. This would undoubtedly catch the attention of the Heavenly Path.

“Nowadays, the Heavenly Path is in disarray. The Heavenly Path might not be able to detect my presence.”

Emperor Jabari began to sense the Heavenly Path once more.

He could sense that the Heavenly Path of the Elixir Realm was in complete chaos. Far too many uncertainties had appeared.

After he had an idea, Emperor Jabari said, “James, find a chance to get close to Tamuuz. I’ll step in and deliver a fatal blow to him. However, after striking, I may expend all of my current Soul Power. I’m afraid I’ll go into a deep sleep once again after I step in this time.”

When James heard that, he immediately asked, “Are you sure you can kill him with a single blow?”

Emperor Jabari said, “I’m not sure. In my prime, I was only at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. The opponent is at Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven. If it’s during my prime, I’m sure I can kill him with a single blow.

“But I’m just a soul state. My strength is very weak. Catalyzing an extremely potent Path with weak strength will not be able to kill a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor. It can only seriously injure them at best.”

“Serious injuries will be enough,” James said, “Silvester is present as well. He’s also a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor. As long as the opponent is severely injured, Silvester will definitely be able to kill them here.”

James was conversing with Emperor Jabari.

After a brief discussion, James quickly moved closer and entered the battlefield.

As soon as he appeared, Tamuuz noticed him.

By this point in the battle, Tamuuz had also figured out James. He learned that James’ strength was not very powerful. It was just that his treasures were impressive.

During James’ appearance, the Elemental Wheel smashed at Tamuuz.

“F*ck off!” Tamuuz was furious. He used Curse Magic to forcefully resist the Five Elements of Genesis wheel, sending it flying with his strike.

Although he sent it flying, he bore the attack of the Elemental Wheel forcibly. He was jolted, and his Blood Energy seethed. His blood was raging. He could not help but spat out a mouthful of blood.

During this time, James had already moved closer to Tamuuz.

Slabs of Infinity Steles around him were flung at him.

With the black Imperial Weapon in hand, Tamuuz struck back relentlessly, repelling every Infinity Stele thrown at him.

During this period, he caught a sliver of a chance, traversed a gap between the Infinity Steles, and quickly appeared in front of James. The Imperial Weapon in his hand was aimed squarely at James’ head.

“James, be careful,” Silvester warned loudly.


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