The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3136

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3136-As a powerful cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven, Silvester could sense James’ true fighting strength as well.

James only possessed impressive treasures. His true strength was not very powerful.

When he gave his warning, it was already too late.

With the Imperial Weapon in hand, Tamuuz had already crossed through a gap between the Infinity Steles and appeared in front of James in an instant.

It was very difficult for James to get close to Tamuuz.

What he intended to do was to expose a weak point and make Tamuuz approach him on his own.


Tamuuz had arrived. When he roared out the word ‘die’, he had already lunged at James with the sword in his hand.

James did not dodge. At this critical moment, he raised his hand.

Right now, Emperor Jabari, who was in the Celestial Abode, had already taken action.

Emperor Jabari exerted all his might and performed his own Path. He was a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor in his prime and had been in the Grand Emperor Rank for countless years. He mastered various cultivation paths, fused them, and created his own Path.

His Path was the Infinity Path.

The Infinity Path was the force after the fusion.

The moment James raised his hand, thousands of inscriptions manifested from his palm. Countless inscriptions merged and formed the Infinity Path. Through his palm, terrifying Infinity Power manifested.

The black Imperial Weapon in Tamuuz’s hand struck James’ palm.

Under normal circumstances, a cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven would be unable to withstand this attack.

Even if their physical strength was comparable to that of a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor, when confronted with an attack with the full force of a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor, their body would be pierced through.

However, James’ palm blocked this terrifying strike of the blade.

Tamuuz felt his sword being blocked by a mysterious force. He exerted all of his strength, but he could not move forward even slightly.

At this precise moment, an extremely terrifying force came through his blade. This force spread through his entire body. In an instant, his arms split open, and the cracks spread throughout his body.

His physical body was destroyed in an instant, exploding into countless chunks of flesh. His spirit was left to flee in haste.

It escaped into the distance. He focused his thoughts, and a fragment of his physical body quickly grew, transforming into a new physical body in an instant.

This was the terrifying aspect of a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor. As long as there was a drop of blood left, he would be able to reconstruct his physical body.

Though his physical body was reconstructed, Tamuuz’s expression was unusually grim. Currently, he was suffering from severe injuries that were unprecedented. His Path Seal was riddled with holes and could disintegrate at any moment.

“What is this Path?” He looked at James gravely.

“The Infinity Path.” James enunciated each word.

“What a fantastic Infinity Path.” Tamuuz’s fists were clenched. On his face, veins swelled.

“James, back away quickly. My strength can no longer support you in battle. Leave the rest of the battle to Silvester,” the voice of Emperor Jabari came from the Celestial Abode.

His voice was very weak.

Clearly, he had used up all of his strength in order to step in and seriously injure Tamuuz. It took him a while to finally regain a little of his strength. After this battle, Emperor Jabari would fall into a deep sleep again.

James could feel his own strength dissipating rapidly. He dared not be careless and backed away quickly.

If Tamuuz seized an opportunity once his strength dissipated, he would be doomed.

“Silvester, I’ll let you handle the rest,” James yelled as he backed away.

“Got it. Leave it to me,” Silvester replied.


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